Delhi, the national capital of our country, is one of the most desired destinations for higher education. There are prestigious colleges and universities such as Indian School of Business and Finance, University of Delhi, etc., to choose from. However, to get into these colleges or even colleges abroad to pursue a masters or a PhD degree, the first step is clearing the GRE exam. Hence, to help you prepare for the exam, you can look for GRE coaching in Delhi. These coaching institutes will help you ace the exam with flying colours. However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, most GRE coaching institutes in Delhi are offering online classes to students and professionals. Hence, you can now prepare for the exam from the comfort of your home. 

Though online coaching classes are seeing a rise due to the current situation, this mode of learning has been quite popular for a long time. This is because online classes are flexible and convenient. You can study at your own pace and from anywhere you want to. 

Online coaching platforms such as CareerLabs gives you access to a lot of study material. Besides, you are trained under the guidance of experts, you have access to various question banks, mock tests and even get the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with faculty members. Moreover, these classes are much more pocket-friendly and most importantly, they help you balance both work and studies. 

So, if you decide to enrol with CareerLabs, you will be guided by experts such as Mr. Santosh P.N who scored the 100th percentile in the verbal section of the CAT exam and aced GRE exam with a 338/340, and Mr. Amit Ravindra who got the 100th percentile in the CAT exam and a 760/800 on the GMAT exam. Under the guidance of such expert faculty members you are sure to ace the exam. 

Online platforms also assist you through all the other phases of the application process as well — preparing your Statement of Purpose (SOP), creating a CV, etc., which are equally important as your exam scores. 

Now, let’s first understand the structure of the GRE exam. The structure and pattern of the exam are an important area of focus by most GRE coaching centres in Delhi. This is because your preparation begins once you are familiar with the exam structure. 

GRE Exam Structure

The GRE exam comprises three broad sections — Analytical Writing with two tasks, Verbal Reasoning (two sections) and Quantitative Reasoning(two sections). The total duration of the GRE exam is 3 hours 45 minutes including a 10-minute break. The two tasks of GRE Analytical Writing — Analyze an Argument and Analyze an Issue assesses how well you analyze an issue or argument and provide a logical reason through writing. You get 30 minutes to finish each task.

The Verbal and Quantitative sections test your skills in the English language and basic mathematical concepts respectively. You get 30 minutes to answer the questions from two sections in the verbal section and 35 minutes to solve Quantitative problems. 

If you want to score high in the GRE exam and land a spot in your dream college, then it’s important for you to be thorough with the GRE exam structure, as mentioned above, the syllabus, the question types and more. Online classes acquaint you with all of this and make your preparation journey easier. 

So take up a GRE coaching in Delhi online and make use of all the facilities that you will be provided with,  afterall you have to make it into the university or college of your dreams. 

Good luck! 


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