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      Best In Class Training Curriculum

      Key highlights

      100+ hrs
      of live classes

      10+ Industry
      Oriented projects

      Endorsement by
      industry experts

      1:1 mentoring

      CV/LinkedIn review

      30+ Opportunities
      In The Sales & BD Domain

      Skills Covered

      Understand the
      science behind sales

      Learn the secret of
      verbal & non-verbal

      Build great relationships
      using BANTA framework

      Develop skills intrinsic
      to most successful
      sales leaders

      Understand The Science Behind Sales
      Develop Skills Intrinsic To Most Successful Sales Leaders
      Learn The Secret Of Verbal & Non-Verbal Communications
      Build Great Relationships Using BANTA Framework

      Enroll now and take the next step toward an accelerated career In business & leadership.

      Terms and Conditions:

      The Program details, Internship, Pre placement offer are subject to the terms & conditions that will be shared by CareerLabs counsellors before enrolment