Are you waiting for notifications regarding the GMAT 2021 exam dates? If you are, stop worrying. Unlike other MBA entrance examinations, the GMAT is versatile in a way that it can be taken almost every day of the year. Moreover, with the introduction of the GMAT online exam, you have the option to take the exam from the comfort of your home any day of the week as per your convenience. It is recommended to book your exam date before you commence your preparation for the exam so that you get your preferred test date and time. However, before deciding on the exam date, ensure that you are well aware of the GMAT Exam dates, this includes everything about the scheduling and rescheduling of the examination. The following article aims at providing you with detailed information regarding the same. 

How to Select your GMAT Exam Date?

Since there are no fixed official GMAT exam dates in 2021, you can choose a date according to your comfort and convenience. However, there are some rules pertaining to the number of attempts. You can appear for the exam not more than five times in a 12-month period. But, once you take the test, you have to wait for 16 days to retake the test. Also, if you achieve the perfect test score of 800, you cannot retake the exam for the next five years. Your lifetime limit for taking the GMAT exam is eight. So, it is important to choose your test dates wisely. GMAT Exam Date GMAC, the administering body of GMAT, recommends that you register three to four months before the exam date of your choice. You can also book your exam slot up to six months in advance. Besides, as far as the timing for the exam is concerned, you can schedule it in the morning or the afternoon as per your convenience. While choosing a GMAT exam date, the best strategy is to consider the factors that could affect the chosen dates of the exam. If you are wondering what those factors are, we’ve collated them for you. 
  • Know the deadlines – Most of the schools accept the MBA applications in several rounds, and it may differ from school to school. Hence, before scheduling the GMAT date, get to know the deadlines for the MBA programs that you’re interested in and decide which round you are aiming for. 
  • Create a rough estimate of your preparation time – Once you get to know the deadlines, plan and create a rough estimate on how long you will need to prepare for the exam. Having a timeline will help you choose the exam date when you are truly ready and confident. However, don’t forget to add extra time if you are planning to schedule the date by mail or fax.
  • Plan and save time for retakes – Though nobody wants to reappear for an exam, it is always recommended to give yourself enough time for possible retakes between the GMAT exam and application deadlines. It may take up to 20 days for the official scores to be sent to your selected schools. Hence, if your score is not satisfactory at the first attempt, make sure that you have enough time for retakes. Calculate the time you may need for this, and then go on to book the GMAT test date 2021.
  • Availability of test centers Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the GMAT test centers are not functioning in their full capacity in India. Besides, the test centers in some cities are temporarily shut down. Hence, it is important to cross-check with the test centers at your locality regarding the availability of test slots before scheduling the GMAT exam. 
  • The MBA application rounds – The application dates vary based on the universities you apply to. However, generally, universities accept applications in three rounds. The round 1 applications for most B-schools end in September or October. Given below is a table that will give you an overview of the different MBA application rounds. 
Round Deadline for application
Round 1 September or October
Round 2 January
Round 3 April
We suggest you visit the websites of b-schools of your choice to cross-check the application deadlines for your programs. This will help you plan your preparations and choose the right date for the exams. The above-mentioned points will help you choose the most convenient GMAT 2021 date that aligns with your preparation time and application deadline. Once you have a proper plan in mind, start the application process and schedule the exam dates.

Three Basic Steps to Select and Schedule Your GMAT Exam Dates

You can select and schedule the GMAT test dates by following these three steps:
  • Create an account on the official GMAT website – Once you gather all the information about the GMAT exam and decide on the dates, begin your application process by creating an account on the official website. Here, you need to fill in basic details like your name, date of birth, address, and other personal details. Once done, you’ll be directed to the next page.
  • Select your preferred location –  You have the option to select your preferred test locations and test centers. Having said that, it is always advisable to choose test centers near to your current location. If you are staying on the outskirts of the city, try to choose your test center in a city to avoid unnecessary issues. You can also visit the exam center before the test date to avoid last-minute confusion regarding the location. However, as GMAT is offering its remote proctored version of the exam, you can always attend the exam from your home, provided you have a good internet connection. The choice is yours!
  • Choose the date and schedule the exam – After selecting the test centers, choose your preferred date from the available GMAT test dates. Unlike other exams, the GMAT provides you with the flexibility of selecting the exam date at your convenience. Besides, the exam dates are available throughout the year, which makes it easier for you to create timelines for preparation and choose a date based on that. However, do remember to book your GMAT test dates (even if you are planning to take the online exam)  in advance (you can register up to six months in advance) to increase the chances of getting your preferred date. 

GMAT Dates Availability

As mentioned earlier, the GMAT exam has no fixed dates. The GMAT dates availability varies according to your choice of test center. Hence, it is imperative that you have an idea of the test centres at your locality. There are around 39 GMAT test centers in India. To begin with below is a state-wise list of some GMAT test centers in India.
State GMAT Test Centre Name
Andhra Pradesh Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering
Andhra Pradesh KL University
Assam  Don Bosco University Assam
Bihar Gencor Learning Solutions Private Limited
Delhi Pearson Professional Centers
Delhi EduPro
Gujarat H L Centre for Professional Education
Gujarat A1 Professional Assessment Center
Haryana Ansal University
Jharkhand Infinity Academy 
Karnataka Pearson Professional Centers-Bangalore
Karnataka Think Education Advisory Services LLP.
Karnataka Dr T M A Pai Polytechnic, Manipal Campus
Kerala Rajagiri College Of Social Sciences
Kerala Indra Institute of Education
Madhya Pradesh Sarva Mangla Maa Samiti – Inspire Me
Maharashtra Pearson Professional Centers
Maharashtra GATS
Maharashtra Think Education Advisory Services LLP
Maharashtra Unisoft Technologies
Odisha KIIT University
Punjab Thapar University
Punjab Winsoft Computer Centre
Tamil Nadu National Institute Of Technology (NIT)
Tamil Nadu Indra Institute Of Education
Tamil Nadu Pearson Professional Centers
Tamil Nadu Vellore Institute of Technology
Telangana Edu-Kinect
Telangana Pearson Professional Centers
Uttar Pradesh UPTEC Computer Consultancy Limited, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh UPTEC Computer Consultancy Limited, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh Pearson Professional Centers
West Bengal Agile Technologies And Solutions

GMAT Exam: Rescheduling and Cancelling

Sometimes, you might have to reschedule or cancel the GMAT exam on the date you registered due to unforeseen circumstances.  In case you cannot take your exam,  GMAC, the governing body of the GMAT exam, provides you the option for cancelling or rescheduling them. You can cancel your test date for some extra cost and choose a new date. The rescheduling fee is structured into three tiers:
  • If you reschedule the exam 1 to 14 days before the appointment, you’ll have to pay $150 (Approx. 10950 INR)
  • You need to pay $100 (INR 7300 approx) if you are planning to reschedule the exam 15 to 60 days before the appointment. 
  • If you reschedule the exam date more than 60 days before the appointment, you have to pay $50 ( Approx. 3650 INR).
As mentioned above, you can cancel the GMAT exam at any time. However, just like the rescheduling fee, you might have to pay a cancellation fee. However, you can also get a refund based on the date on which you cancel the exam. 
  • If you wish to cancel the exam 1 to 14 days before the appointment, you’ll only get $50 (3650 INR approx) as a refund.
  • If you cancel the exam 15 to 60 days before the appointment, you’ll get a refund of $75 (5450 INR approx)
  • If you plan to cancel the exam more than 60 days before the appointment, you’ll be refunded $100 (7300 INR approx.)
In order to cancel or reschedule your GMAT dates 2021, you need to log in to your GMAC account, select the exam tab, and choose a new date or cancel it. However, you won’t be able to make any changes or modifications on the dates in the last 24 hours to the exam appointment time. Keep in mind that you won’t be eligible for any refund If you do not show up for the test. Hence, if you are planning to reschedule or cancel the exam, do it as soon as possible to save your time and money. We hope this article helped give you clarity regarding the GMAT exam dates. Now that you know how to choose the exam dates wisely, and what cancelling and rescheduling the exam can cost you, start your preparations and schedule the dates as early as possible. Remember, the earlier you book the dates, the higher the chances of getting your preferred slot. 


  • When can I take the GMAT exam 2021?
The GMAT exam is held throughout the year at different test centres across the country. Hence, you can schedule a test date and slot as per your comfort and convenience.
  • What is the best way to cancel my GMAT exam date?
You can visit the official website of GMAT to reschedule or cancel your exam date.
  • How much does it cost to reschedule my exam?
GMAC charges up to USD 150 $ to request a change in the date of the exam. 
  • How many times can I retake the GMAT exam?
You can retake the exam up to eight times in your lifetime. However, you are not allowed to take the exam more than five times a year. 

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