While there are many options when it comes to GRE books, you need to know the right book for your GRE prep. Not only should you get all the information required to clear the exam, but it should be available in an easy-to-understand format. The combination of these two elements makes your preparation more effective. Through this article, we will tell you how to choose the best GRE books for preparation and also give you a few names. 

How Do You Choose the Right GRE Books?

Since there is a lot of self-study involved while preparing for the GRE, you need a GRE prep book that matches your learning style. Here are some factors you need to consider:

Quality of Information:

  • The best GRE books have in-depth information covering all the topics for the exam. There are two parts to the GRE exam, the GRE General Tests and the GRE Subject Test. The GRE General Tests tests your quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing skills while the Subject Test measures your subject knowledge such as Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, etc. 
  • Moreover, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning are considered for your GRE score. Therefore, a book that covers these two sections in detail is very helpful for you.
  • The best GRE prep book should include detailed content relating to modifiers, parallelism, and subject-verb agreement for verbal reasoning. 
  • Besides, the reading comprehension section should cover three subjects – Social Science (business), Natural Science, and Humanities.
  • The quantitative reasoning section should cover topics like types of integers (arithmetic), lines and angles (for Geometry), descriptive statistics like percentiles (data analysis), exponents (Algebra), and more. 

The book should be concise and must give you the information needed for the GRE. Remember that the book with the most number of pages isn’t always the best; you need one that simplifies the concepts, making them easy to understand or one that suits your learning style. 

Standard of Practice Questions:

Apart from quality content, you need sufficient practice questions in all areas of the GRE to get through. Whether it is quantitative reasoning concepts like linear equations, verbal reasoning topics like idioms and idiomatic expressions, or analytical writing topics like that which require analysis and argument. The only way to get better grades is through adequate practice. 

The questions should be modelled on the actual GRE test and be of the same difficulty level. These questions help you analyze your areas of weakness and what you need to work on. 

Level of Detail in Explanations:

The best books for GRE preparation should provide explanations for the answers they provide. The more detailed the answers, the better the chances you have of mastering the concepts. You could have the best test-level questions in the books, but if the answers are very brief, you won’t learn much. 

Longer answers that provide clear explanations are important. Better still, the reason why an answer is incorrect should also be clearly stated so that there is no confusion. 

Sufficient Practice Tests:

After you read the content and solve the practice questions, your concepts would be clearer. But to sit for a GRE, you need practice tests. The total time you get for the GRE is 3 hours and 45 minutes.  A practice test allows you to check how fast and accurately you can complete this exam. 

What Are The Top Prep Books for the GRE?

Here are some of the best GRE books:

  • 5 LB. Book of GRE Practice Problems:

The 5 LB. Book of GRE Practice Problems makes it to the top list with more than 1800 questions to ensure that you get sufficient exam-level practice. If you are looking for the best content, problems, and practice test questions in math, this book is one of the best books for GRE preparation.

You get enough practice problems in weighted averages, combinations, and standard deviation that are not found in most GRE books, and there is a separate section for these. The explanations to all answers are provided in a clear and detailed manner. The book does not, however, divide the questions according to difficulty levels. So you might be solving a set of easy questions and suddenly find a very tough problem. 

  • Official GRE Super Power Pack

You get the Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning with this pack. What makes this one of the best books for GRE preparation are the tips for answering questions and strategies for exam preparation. There are four GRE-level practice tests along with enough questions to improve your GRE preparation.

The answers are well-explained so that your learning is more comprehensive. There are graded sample essay responses to help improve your writing. You also have access to their online resource, GRE POWERPREP.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right GRE books is vital for passing the GRE. The books discussed in this article will help you understand the different sections of the exam. Get ready for the GRE with CareerLabs and crack the exam. Good luck! 

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