The Indian School of Business, commonly known as ISB is one of the premium management institutes in India. The institute has been ranked 24th in the Financial Times list of top 100 global business schools. One of the top choices amongst Indian MBA aspirants, securing a seat in this b-school is not as easy as it seems. Like any other global b-schools, you need to first clear the GMAT exam to get admissions to ISB. However, it’s better to be aware of the GMAT score for ISB before you start your preparations for the exam. 

The GMAT score is an indicator of your academic preparedness to pursue a course from ISB. Hence, it is important to know ISB GMAT cut off scores in advance to plan and prepare for the exam accordingly. Read this article to get an overview of the same. 

About ISB

ISB has two campuses — one in Hyderabad, and the other in Mohali. The ISBs are renowned for their specialized business graduate programs that are designed to provide you a holistic and comprehensive business knowledge. The ISB programs consist of a rigorous, research-based curriculum along with several practical knowledge opportunities. Also, ISB Hyderabad offers Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP), a distinctive one-year program that focuses on the global business marketplace. Hence, to get admission to this prestigious institute, it is important to achieve the prescribed average GMAT score for ISB. The ISB graduates often grab high paying jobs owing to the reputation and global recognition of the college. 

GMAT Score Required for ISB Admissions

To determine the good GMAT score for ISB, it is important to know the cut-off score of the past few years. Let’s have a look at the ISB GMAT cut-off of the  last 5 years. 

Year Average GMAT score for ISB Score range
2020 710 600-770
2019 709 600-780
2018 707 600-780
2017 704 600-770
2016 700 600-700

Though ISB hasn’t officially set a specific cut-off score for the GMAT test, the average scores of previous years clearly state that you might need to score 700 + in GMAT to secure an admission. The lowest GMAT score for ISB admissions remains 600. While a score of 710 or above definitely helps you get an interview call from ISB, the higher the score the higher your chances of receiving the final admission letter. However, in the admission process, your ISB average GMAT score is only one component of the many factors considered. In other words, while a great score above a threshold is necessary, this is not a guarantee for an admit. Likewise, a low GMAT score won’t defer your admission if you have an excellent track record in other factors such as academic qualification, profile, etc.  

Now that you have an idea of the average GMAT scores for ISB, start preparing for the GMAT exam. However, keep in mind that though GMAT certainly forms an important part of ISB admissions, it isn’t the only criteria for final admission. Hence, check the ISB website, and note down what other factors determine your eligibility for admissions. 

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