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GMAT classes at coaching institutes are incredibly popular, as they involve face-to-face interactions with the faculty and fellow students. However, in today’s times, GMAT online classes have had a meteoric rise in popularity due to the flexibility and comfort they can afford the GMAT aspirant. Especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, online classes are probably your best bet to access high quality GMAT content and resources for your preparation. Having said that, it’s natural to feel a bit skeptical about online classes because of the lack of interpersonal communication sometimes – but online learning technology is rapidly progressing to create the most seamless and convenient experience possible. EdTech is bringing personalized courses, one-on-one online sessions with teachers, real-time chat rooms, and more, to students and working professionals just like you. The best part is that all of this is available at extremely affordable prices. 

So, if you are on the fence about whether to consider online learning options for your GMAT preparation, allow us to help you make up your mind. Below, you will find a few great reasons why you should definitely opt for a GMAT online course.

Why Should You Opt for GMAT Online Classes?

  1. It’s Convenient

When you sign up for an online GMAT class, you can access your study materials/sessions from anywhere in the world as per your convenience. Also, you can record the lectures and go back to listening to them whenever time permits you. Moreover, you don’t always have to use your laptop for it as most of these classes are made available on your phone through apps, or on almost any other electronic device of your choice. So, even if you’re travelling and have found some time to catch up on your studies, there’s no need to carry huge books or laptops; all you need is your phone and a good internet connection! And, if you have downloaded all your study material on the phone, then you can even do without the internet. Besides, if you take up a GMAT online class, you are saved that extra commuting and in-class time — something most of you may find difficult to do with so much on your plate, especially if you are attempting to prepare for an MBA application while holding down your full-time job. 

  1. You Have Unlimited Access to Study Material

Just like conventional classes, GMAT live online classes training online thoroughly covers the GMAT syllabus and provides you with a lot of learning material as well. From free GMAT starter kits to sample papers, and practice questions to GMAT mock tests, you have access to everything that you need for your preparation. Moreover, when you sign up for online GMAT classes, most of them provide you with the option of rewinding, recording, and re-watching the lessons. Doing so, helps you understand and practice sections of the test until you master them.

  1. Flexible Study Time 

Unlike a traditional classroom, online learning gives you that time flexibility which is very important if you are attempting the exam while fulfilling other professional and academic commitments. While you do have to set aside some time for your online classes, it’s not necessary to do it at a fixed time as you would for conventional classroom learning. As it is likely one may be caught up in day-to-day activities that prevent studying at the same time everyday, this flexibility makes it easier for you to catch up on all your GMAT preparation at any time of the day. 

Moreover, while some pick up on new concepts quickly, some others may need a little extra practice to fully grasp the concept. You may feel like you are still stuck learning one section while the rest of the class has moved on to the next, or you may feel you aren’t learning anything at all because the study sessions are too fast for you. If that is the case, GMAT online classes are a great option for you, as you get to study on your own time and at your own pace. You can revisit the material as many times as you want and whenever you want, until you are comfortable with the content.

  1. More Practice Tests are Available

Online platforms offer a higher number of as compared to traditional classrooms. You get several free or paid mock tests to help you experience what the real GMAT exam would be like. Taking these tests helps you understand which sections you are good at and which sections require more hard work and practice. Most importantly, besides helping you keep track of your time while you answer each section, it prepares you mentally for the actual exam setting, helps you assess your level of preparation, and boosts your confidence too.  

  1. It’s Cost-Effective

GMAT online courses are comparatively more pocket-friendly. While you might have to pay around INR 25,000 – 50,000 INR in any coaching institute, an online course (depending on the course duration you choose) may be priced around INR 3,500 – 15,000 (more in some cases). Besides, several online GMAT classes offer a few trial classes to help you make up your mind before joining the class officially. Discounts and subsidised rates are likely to be available from time to time as well. Moreover, you have access to unlimited study material, mock tests, practice questions, etc. However, all of this — free study material, practice tests, etc. — depends on which GMAT online class you have chosen to take up for your preparation, so make sure you choose a class that offers you the best possible resources and content. 

Luckily, we know just the thing for you. 

The CareerLabs GMAT Programme

In case you are confused as to which is the best GMAT online tutorial class available at a budget-friendly price, we have a solution! Check out the CareerLabs GMAT programme; through which you will have access to: 

  • 150+ hours of video lectures 
  • 50+ hours of flip class lectures
  • 3500+ practice questions
  • Diagnostic toolkit software 
  • Mock tests for a test day experience and student portal

You can even enroll for a free course to confirm that what we advertise is exactly what we offer – patented tips and tricks, expert mentorship, access to one-on-one counselling, and even access to our diagnostic toolkit!

Moreover, if you are aiming for a 700+ in the GMAT exam, CareerLabs will make that happen for you with their two-tier preparation approach. 

Tier 1 Tier 2 
GMAT content GMAT live online webinars 
Comprehensive 150+ hours of preparation 700+ level practice questions/40 hours live online webinars
60 hours dedicated to GMAT basic 20 sessions of 2 hours each repeated every month 
3500+ practice questions (basic to high level)Classes by certified and trained mentors — subject matter experts (SMEs) 

Therefore, with this scientifically designed preparation methodology and guidance from top-notch faculty, CareeLab’s GMAT online classes will help you achieve your targeted score and secure admission into the business school of your choice anywhere in the world.  

In conclusion, whether you take up GMAT classes in an institute or online, your study plan, preparation strategy, and consistent practice are what matter the most if you wish to achieve success in cracking the exam. Having said that, remember that the whole MBA journey — from exam preparation to admission into a top institute — is quite an expensive affair, so you can always cut down on your expenses by opting for a GMAT online class as compared to an in-person one. 

With EdTech revolutionising learning in all areas of study, online classes are almost more convenient than offline ones these days, and as long as resources and learning offered are high quality, it depends on how you choose to utilise them for your benefit. Ultimately, it is your planning and hard work that will guarantee your success on the GMAT, and not the type of classes you choose.

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GMAT Online Classes

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Which of the following, if true, would cast the most serious doubt on the accuracy of the group’s contention?

B) Alex spends 40% of his monthly salary on rent, 25% of the remaining salary on travelling, 80% of the rest on food expenses and saves the remaining amount of 540$ in a bank. Then how much did he spend on food expenses monthly?

C) During the mid-to-late 19th century, Russians, Chileans, British, Irish, Hungarian and Polish immigrants came to Franklin, New Jersey, to work in the famous ‘Franklin mines’, and the population of Franklin swelled from 500 in 1897 to over 3,000 in 1913.

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  • Will I be able to manage my GMAT classes and other commitments?

The benefit of online GMAT classes is that it allows GMAT aspirants to study at their convenient time and location. As long as you have internet access and a device to access the lectures, you can study conveniently. Furthermore, in case you miss any lecture you can check the recordings of those classes to cope with what has been missed.

  • What is the cost of GMAT online classes

GMAT online classes are quite cost-efficient when compared to traditional GMAT coaching institutes. The average cost of enrolling in a GMAT online class can range from INR. 3500 and 15000. However, before you finalize a GMAT online course, it is better to enrol into a free tutorial to get an experience of the GMAT coaching process.

  • What are the advantages of a GMAT online class?

GMAT online classesare quite similar to a traditional GMAT coaching centre except they offer a lot more value for money than a GMAT coaching institute. GMAT online classes offer unlimited study material and several mock tests which otherwise are only available at a hefty cost when you enrol in a GMAT coaching institute.

  • What does CareerLabs’ GMAT programme include?

You can check out the official page of the GMAT programme provided by CareerLabs here. However, a few highlights of CareerLabs’ GMAT programme are — a student portal, 150+ hours of video lectures, 50+ hours of flip class lectures, 3500+ practice questions, diagnostic toolkit software and mock tests for a test day experience.


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