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Reading Comprehensions

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Ace GMAT by following our comprehensive 2 tier preparation approach. Strengthen your basics with practice, master new strategies to solving GMAT Verbal and Quant, fix your weak spots with real-time diagnostics, and march towards a advanced practice with our 99th percentile faculty to score a 700+ in GMAT.

Get GMAT-ready with our scientifically designed preparation methodology

Strengthen your basics and then tackle more challenging topics.

Get GMAT-ready with our scientifically designed preparation methodology

Strengthen your basics and then tackle more challenging topics.

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    Dalhousie University
    I took help from BYJU’S for GMAT preparation I wanted a out of the box thinking for preparation with Santhosh Sir’s Verbal teaching ability was outstanding. Constant monitoring with the tablet which helped me prepare during my commute to office. Didn’t feel stressed with Tablet as it provided the convenience for anytime learning. Abilty to balance work and learning was challenging but worth it.


    HSBC Analytics
    Colorado State University
    It was a good experience and the method of preparing in tablet with single question in single screen was good. Granularity of the course in verbal section was outstanding. It helped me a lot with the frameworks. The verbal webinars is of much higher level and beneficial. Quant part was conceptually good clubbed with Webinars were really good.


    PSG College
    Arizona State University
    MIM program was my objective and spoke to the team & got inputs from my peers before deciding with BYJU’S GMAT. I liked the tablet as the self study mode helped my learning style. It’s very convenient. I was quite flexible and the faculty is great. I don’t get this quality faculty in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I prefered this mode a lot. The Tips and Tricks were beautiful!


    Let nothing pause your GRE preparation. Access free
    webinars by our top trainers

    RC Techniques & Shortcuts With Mr.PN Santosh

    Wondering how to solve RC and SC questions of GMAT within 60 seconds? Watch this webinar to know the “Mathematical way of solving RC questions” and “Reverse Engineering Approach” to solving SC questions.

    School Selection and Quant Shortcuts

    So what do BSchool look into their incoming class profile, ever wondered why do 93% of MBA aspirant fail to make it to a good school inspite of a great GMAT score? Watch this webinar now and learn the “Art Of School Selection”

    CV Masterclass with AIGAC President-Elect

    Well, you just can give your “Regular Job CV” for your B School applications, right ? So how is your B School CV different from the rest ? Watch this masterclass by AIGAC President Elect and Harvad Certitifed Admissions Consultant, Ms Krithika Srinivasan and learn more

    About GMAT

    The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an adaptive computer-based examination administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). It is used as a method for assessing application to business and/or management programmes, and is accepted by more than 2,100 institutions and universities around the world. The GMAT assesses an individual’s problem-solving abilities, reading and verbal reasoning skills, and analytical writing competency in written English— all of which are essential not only for securing admission to their desired graduate management programmes, but also to achieving success in the field of business. While the GRE General Test remains popular for applicants to graduate programmes, the GMAT is considered a better assessment of one’s aptitude for business, and therefore is a more reliable measure of an applicant’s capability. This makes the GMAT an essential aspect of your application to MBA and MiM programmes, and necessitates a focused plan for preparation .

    Frequently Asked Question

    What do you really want to know about GMAT Program
    The full form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test.
    The GMAT is conducted throughout the year. Hence, the admission enrollment is carried out around the themselves for the test all year round i.e. 365 days.
    GMAT is a graduate level MBA entrance test. It is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). It is a computer-based adaptive test. The test evaluates one’s analytical and critical thinking skills through the subjects- Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. Once you qualify this test, all international B-schools are in your reach to seek admission. The duration of the GMAT exam is 3.5 hours. The total score of GMAT lies between 200-800.
    To prepare for the GMAT, all you need to do is form a study plan, grab official GMAT books, and opt for BYJU’S GMAT Prep App for quick learning to ease your learning process.