The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is attempted by candidates who wish to pursue an MBA or register for a finance-related course. The test is conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) for obtaining admissions into graduate management programs around the world. GMAT 2020 is a computer adaptive test that evaluates the candidates’ quantitative, verbal, reading, and analytical skills in the English language.

Sample Papers for GMAT:

Sample papers for GMAT play a vital role in effective GMAT preparation. Preparing for GMAT is not so simple. Aspirants who wish to score well in the GMAT 2020 exam have to adopt certain key methodologies before confronting the main test. Referring to sample papers of GMAT is one of the best ways to accelerate your preparation and score well in the GMAT exam. Before taking up the exam, a lot of sweat is due during the preparation phase. The aspirants need to be extremely sincere, focused, and should follow a well-structured study plan to score high in the GMAT exam. Prior to scheduling the exam, candidates need to register on the GMAT official website and create a free account. For more information, you can also write to us at

GMAT Sample Papers PDF:-Download PDF Here

GMAT Exam Pattern:

GMAT is a challenging entrance test of 3 hours and 7 minutes and consists of both objective and subjective questions. The exam pattern is divided into four sections Quantitative, Reasoning, Verbal and Writing skills.

Section Number of Questions Duration
Quantitative 31 questions 1 hour, 2 minutes
Integrated Reasoning 12 questions ½ an hour
Verbal 36 questions 1 hour, 5 minutes
Analytical Writing Assessment 01 (essay) ½ an hour
Total Exam Time 3 hours 7 minutes

Primarily, the GMAT exam comprises of four sections:

  1. Quantitative Aptitude: In this section, there are two types of questions in quantitative reasoning: data sufficiency and problem-solving.
  2. Integrated Reasoning: This section basically evaluates the candidates’ ability to integrate data and solve difficult problems through graphical interpretation, multi-source reasoning, table analysis, and two-part analysis.
  3. Verbal Power: This section examines the candidates’ ability to scan and understand written material, judge arguments, and make corrections to convey ideas effectively in standard written English.
  4. Analytical Writing Assessment: In this section, the writing skills of the GMAT candidates are tested. They are asked to write a written discourse or a passage is given in which they need to answer the questions subsequently.

The significance of GMAT Sample Papers:

Candidates should consider some important factors while solving GMAT sample question papers during the exam preparation:

  1. Take up the Mock test to get acquainted with the actual GMAT exam: By taking up a simulated Mock test, a candidate can get a comprehensive idea and a real feel of the actual GMAT paper. At BYJU’s, we offer a GMAT Online Mock Test for free. Click here to take up the GMAT sample test online and experience the real-time GMAT exam.
  2. Augments Speed and Accuracy: Candidates should practice as many available sample papers of GMAT online or can also consult question papers of prior years for reference purposes. This would help them to increase their speed and accuracy by familiarizing them with a variety of questions. You can download the sample papers for the GMAT exam with answers PDF here which can aid in your preparation.
  3. Aids in Self-Analysis: This is one of the finest ways for GMAT candidates to analyze their current status in terms of their preparation. By doing this, candidates can capture their strengths and weaknesses and focus on the areas which require more attention and solve the paper more effectively.
  4. Enhances Time Management Strategies: By practicing GMAT sample papers, candidates can solve the question paper within a certain time frame. At BYJU’s, we help you to strategize your study plan and furnish a few preparatory tips and guide you to refer certain sample papers with answers so that you can get a feel of the actual GMAT exam.

It is advisable that the GMAT candidates should give due importance to every section of the test. In order to score well in the exam, one needs to strike a balance between their strengths and weaknesses and focus on those areas which need improvement and put into more effort. Strengthening the weaker sections can boost the confidence of the candidates and is one of the crucial strategies in their GMAT preparation.

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