GMAT is a challenging exam that needs a lot of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to get through. A good score in this examination can bring a world of opportunities for your educational career. Quality foreign education can help you excel in your professional career as well. Other than that, the opportunity to experience life in a country foreign to yours can help you have more compassion and be more suitable for managerial positions.

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. GMAT is a computerized test that is adaptive which means the test questions get harder or easier depending on your previous answer if it was correct or not. 

The test’s adaptability and the vastness of the syllabus make it very difficult to clear this exam without proper planning. Proper planning and preparation can only be fruitful if you have a way to test yourself about how well you are prepared mentally, physically, and educationally for the exam.

What is GMAT-Mock-Test?

GMAT mock test is a practice exam that you can give at the comfort of your own home. Mock tests help you get up-to-date results with your preparation for the examination and also to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the examination. A GMAT mock test can provide you proper validation on your exam preparation and help polish your time management skills. You might be wondering how mock tests can help you physically and mentally prepare for the exam? 

How can Mock Tests help you prepare for the GMAT Examination?

  • Mental Preparation

The GMAT examination depends a lot on time management. Every section comes with a set amount of time within which you have to finish that part. Failure to do so results in negative marking and guessing answers towards the end without can also lead to catastrophic amounts of negative marking. 

GMAT encourages its applicants to answer every question and not to leave any of them out. This all requires dubious amounts of time management skills while giving one of the most challenging examinations of your life. It isn’t easy to give proper time and attention to a question while also making sure you are not spending too much time on it. 

The only way to make sure that you are ready to do all of this at the same time is through mock tests. Mock tests can help you create a strategy to follow for your examination, which will be personal to you. This makes the examination much easier when you are faced with the real one.

  • Physical Preparation

Physical preparation is an aspect that often gets overlooked when preparing for an examination. GMAT is an intimidating examination. From the vast syllabus to the adaptability of the test, these factors are enough to make a candidate nervous. Nervousness is a crucial hurdle to overcome when you are giving competitive exams such as the GMAT. A nervous candidate is more prone to making mistakes and even give wrong answers to questions while knowing the correct answers. 

These factors are very accurate and vary from person to person based on their psychology. This can be helped against with the help of mock testing. With long-term mock testing, you can build your confidence for the day of the exam. This will help you be more confident in your examination and reduce self-doubt.

One of the main reasons candidates often fail to get their desired scores on the first attempt is because of nervousness and self-doubt. These factors ruin the exam strategy and time management, pushing the candidate in a downward spiral destined for failure to achieve the set goals. This can be avoided with a proper focus on mock testing.

  • Understanding your Strengths and weaknesses

Exam preparation relies a lot on understanding yourself and your strengths and weaknesses a lot. Knowing what topics you are confident about and what topics you need to work hard on gives you a transparent progress bar on your exam preparation. GMAT encourages all candidates to attempt all questions. So, the option to leave out questions because you are not confident about that topic is not an option.

You have to work hard on the topics you don’t feel confident about by focusing on those topics. A mock test can help validate your preparation up to that point and help you correctly identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Testing out your exam strategy

Exam strategy is an integral part of the preparation for the GMAT. As mentioned in the points above, in terms of time management and preparing according to strengths and weaknesses. Exam strategy helps you bind all that together and help you give the best exam based on your preparation.

Exam strategy is your approach to the examination. It is created from your own abilities and understanding and is a blueprint or a plan on how you are going to tackle the examination when it comes. Oftentimes candidates create examination plans that are great on paper but don’t work out in reality.

The way to solve this problem would be to test out your strategy in mock tests to let you know exactly where you might be falling short. This way, you can create the perfect exam plan for the day of your examination.

When Should You Opt for GMAT Mock tests?

There are a lot of questions that candidates ask as to when they should start taking mock tests. One of the most important things to understand here is that there is no set time for this process. The most crucial factor to keep in mind would be that tests are not a way to learn through trial and error. 

The GMAT is a test based on the ability of a person. This ability is created through systematic education focused on clarity in conceptual ideas and mastery of the syllabus topics. The mock tests help you stay sharp and be able to build your confidence for the examination. To understand this in detail, here’s an example.

  • Candidate A

Candidate A is afraid of mock tests; they study hard but do not focus on mock tests but only on studying the syllabus to the best of their ability and preparing only for their main GMAT exam. After the exam, it is found out that the candidate was not able to reach their goal score due to not having experience on how to give the exam.

  • Candidate B

Candidate B focuses heavily on mock tests going as far as attempting mock tests on a weekly and sometimes a daily basis. After the examination, it is revealed that the candidate has not secured their target score. This is due to the overdependence on mock tests and not spending enough time creating the depth of knowledge in the topics needed to get the desired score.

These two examples show that not focusing too much on mock tests can be harmful both ways. The proper strategy would be to maintain a balanced approach. Taking a mock test at the beginning of your GMAT preparations can give you a reality check as to where you stand in comparison to where you want to reach. 

This will help you create your study plan and exam strategies accordingly. After that, completing your study plan as you have prepared is very important before taking another test. Mock tests are only good when you are taking them after doing the due preparations for them.

Different types of Mock Test

Mock tests for GMAT come in different types. They are created for different purposes, and a candidate needs to utilize all of them to get the most out of their GMAT preparations. The different types of mock tests are:

  • Practice Questions

Practice questions are good for you to use when you are in the learning phase. These questions help put the exam perspective on the topics you are studying. The questions help you in applying the knowledge that you are learning on the actual test-like questions.

  • Sectional Tests

These tests are best when you are done preparing thoroughly for a topic that you think you are weak in. This will help you understand the depth of your preparation for this topic. It will also help you plan further for your study and exam strategy on how you need to tackle this section further. 

  • Full Mock Tests

GMAT mock tests are a simulation of your examination day. They are best when taken at the exact time slot of your actual GMAT examination as well. You need to consider other things proper regarding timing and be strict about not taking it easy because it is a mock test.


GMAT is not an easy exam. The preparation for GMAT is not easy either. A candidate needs to be very sharp and aware of all that can happen during the examination beforehand to give the best examination. Surprises often ruin pre-conceived strategies. So, proper mock testing beforehand is an ideal way to reduce the possibilities of surprises during your GMAT examination.

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