GMAT Online Classes

While taking GMAT classes at coaching institutes comes with its own benefits such as face-to-face interactions with teachers, GMAT online classes are more favourable considering its flexibility and convenience. Especially, at this point in time when the Covid 19 pandemic has compelled you to stay at home as much as possible, online classes are your best bet. Having said that, it’s natural to feel a bit sceptical about online classes because of the lack of interpersonal communication sometimes, but that’s also changing now. Edtech is emerging rapidly and bringing to students or working professionals like you, personalized courses, one-on-one online sessions with teachers, real-time chat rooms; all of this at affordable prices. 

So, if you are someone looking to take up GMAT online classes, then think no more. There are several advantages of taking up an online class and we have listed some of them in this article for you. 

Why Should You Opt for GMAT Online Classes?

  1. It’s Convenient:

When you sign up for an online GMAT class, you can access your study materials/sessions from anywhere in the world at your convenience. Also, you can record the lectures and go back to listening to them whenever time permits you. Moreover, you don’t always have to use your laptop for it as most of these classes are made available on your phones through apps. So, even if you’re travelling and have found some time to catch up on your studies, there’s no need to carry huge books or laptops, all you need is your phone and a good internet connection. And, if you have downloaded all your study material on the phone, then you can even do without the internet. Besides, if you take up a GMAT online class, you are saved that extra commuting and in-class time — something most of you may find difficult to do with so much on your plate. 

2.               You have Unlimited Access to Study Materials:

Like conventional classes, online classes too thoroughly cover the GMAT syllabus and provide you with a lot of learning material. From free GMAT starter kits to sample papers, practice questions to GMAT mock tests, you have access to everything that you need for your preparation. Moreover, when you sign up for an online GMAT class, most of them provide you the option of rewinding, recording, and re-watching the lessons. Doing so, helps you understand and practice sections of the test until you master them.

3.          Flexible Study Time 

Unlike a traditional classroom, online learning gives you that time flexibility which most of you need. While you do have to set aside some time for your online classes, it’s not necessary to do it at a fixed time as you would for conventional classroom learning. Since most of you are caught up in several day-to-day activities, this flexibility makes it easier for you to catch up on all your GMAT preparation at any time of the day. 

Moreover, some of you may be fast learners and some a bit slow, hence, classroom learning wouldn’t be very feasible for you. You would feel like you are still stuck learning one section when you could have moved on to another earlier, speeding up your learning process. Or, you would feel you aren’t learning anything at all because the study sessions are too fast for you. Hence, taking up a GMAT online class solves all of these issues. You get to study at your own time and pace. And, once you are finally ready, you can take the exam with confidence. 

4.              More Practice Tests are Available:

Online platforms offer a higher number of GMAT mock tests as compared to traditional classrooms. You get several free or paid mock tests to help you experience what the real GMAT exam would be like. Taking these tests helps you understand which sections you are good at and which sections require more hard work and practice. Most importantly, besides helping you keep track of your time while you answer each section, it prepares you mentally and boosts your confidence too.  

5.               It’s Cost-effective:

GMAT online classes are comparatively more pocket-friendly. While you might have to pay around 25,000 – 50,000 INR in any coaching institute, an online course (depending on the duration you choose) may be priced around 3,500 – 15,000 INR (more in some cases). Besides, if you take up a GMAT online class, you are first given a few trial classes for free before you decide to join the course and also discounts as and when it’s available. Moreover, you have access to unlimited study material, mock tests, question practices, etc. However, all this — free study material, practice tests, etc. — depends on which GMAT online class you have chosen to take up for your preparation. 

In case you are all confused as to which is the best source at a budget-friendly price, then here’s an option for you. Check out CareerLabs; you have access to: 

  • 150 + hours of video lectures 
  • 50+ hours of flip class lectures
  • 3500+ practice questions
  • Diagnostic toolkit software 
  • Mock tests for a test day experience and student portal

 You can even ENROLL for a FREE COURSE for further clarification.

Moreover, if you are aiming for a 700+ in the GMAT exam, CareerLabs will make that happen for you with their two-tier preparation approach. 

Tier 1 Tier 2 
GMAT content GMAT live online webinars 
Comprehensive 150+ hours of preparation 700+ level practice questions/40 hours live online webinars
60 hours dedicated to GMAT basic 20 sessions of 2 hours each repeated every month 
3500+ practice questions (basic to high level)Classes by certified and trained mentors — subject matter experts (SMEs) 

Therefore, with this scientifically designed preparation methodology and guidance from top-notch faculty, CareeLab’s GMAT online classes will help you achieve your targeted score and admission into the business school of your choice.  

In conclusion, whether you take up GMAT classes in an institute or online, your study plan, preparation strategy, and consistent practice are what matters the most. Having said that, remember that the whole MBA journey — from exam preparation to admission into a top institute — is quite an expensive affair, so you can always cut down on your expenses by opting for a GMAT online class. Besides, you get most of the benefits of an off-line class, rather even more in an online one these days considering how EdTech is rapidly revolutionising traditional methods of studying. Not to mention, the convenience and flexibility it comes with as mentioned before.