The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a test designated for candidates seeking admissions into graduate or postgraduate programs at universities abroad. Besides, international universities have listed the GRE score as one of the many GRE admission requirements to apply and qualify for graduate or postgraduate programs. So, are you wondering what is the procedure of applying to these universities? Do not fret, we will help you through the GRE admission process, will provide you information on how to register for the exam, tell you when is the right time to start the process and so on. Keep reading !


Choice of University 


The first and foremost step of applying to Universities, is choosing and shortlisting preferred universities. 

We will give you a brief explanation of certain factors that you might want to consider before you shortlist your universities. These factors include:


  1. GRE score


The chances of you getting into a university of your choice is higher when you have a good GRE score. However, universities have certain cutoff scores in order to  qualify for the program. These cutoff scores not only help you set up a target score but broaden the scope of your search for universities. 


  1. Financial aid/ Tuition waiver/ Scholarships 


A pragmatic thing to do while choosing your university, is to look for what kind of financial aid or scholarships the university offers to its international students. The financial aid will again increase your chances of getting in and will also ease the financial burden on you or your family. 


  1. Living costs 

Another important factor to consider when it comes to finances are costs other than the tuition fee. The cost of living differs from country to country, hence you must be very wise while choosing your university. Keep in mind the expense of living abroad as well to avoid any unforeseen circumstance.  


  1. Placement programs/ Placement cells 


Most universities have placement programs through which you can be placed into reputable companies. Before you shortlist any university, make sure to do a quick research on the available placement opportunities, available statistics of students from previous years and success stories. This will help you understand which university will provide you the best opportunities and in turn help kickstart your professional life.  


GRE Admission Process


Let’s begin with the process of applying to Universities. First of all, it is very important to shortlist the Universities and programs of your preference. Once you have a list of universities you are looking to apply to, do a thorough research of the procedure of applying, make note of important deadlines and of necessary documents to be submitted. 


Second, start compiling these documents. Most Universities will expect you to have these of the following: 


  1. A valid identification 
  2. An official Transcript 
  3. Statement of purpose
  4. Letters of Recommendation 
  5. Valid certificates 


You might have to ask trusted professors or a senior at work to draft these recommendation letters in advance of the submission deadline set by the university. The Statement of Purpose (SOP) needs to be drafted by you. The SOP needs to entail your personal motivation to be part of this program and justification as to why you are the right fit for this program as well. 


Third, you need to register for the GRE exam and ensure you are preparing for it in the most efficient way possible. It is advisable to check the ETS official site for further information such as exam dates, sample questions, and practice tests. You can also opt for GRE admission counselling sessions  from experts at CareerLabs to gain better insights into how to go about the whole process.  


GRE Registration


We will now move onto the process of registration of the GRE. In order to register for the exam, you have to create a profile on the ETS official site. Once you’ve done that, submit an application form and make the payment for the exam. After this has been done, you can move onto checking the nearest exam centers and select your preferred exam date. 


Some important pointers to note  while you are choosing your exam dates are: 


  1. The GRE admission season at most universities is throughout the year, but the programs within the university begin at different times of the year. Some courses begin during Fall, while some others may begin in Winter or Spring. Almost all universities and programs have courses available during the Fall season. Hence, it is important to check when your program starts, so you can pick your exam date accordingly. 


  1. The GRE exam scores are directly sent to the universities listed by you. The scores take about three weeks to reach the university. You have to make note of the application deadline and accordingly choose your exam date to avoid any confusion or your application would be negligible.


  1. The GRE exam dates are put up on the ETS official site every year. Make sure to check them before you choose your dates. Also, keep in mind that exam slots are available all through the year, although through the months of October to December there are limited slots available. So, make sure to factor this in while choosing your exam date. 


One way to help yourself would also be by availing GRE counselling services offered by a reputable company such as CareerLabs. They offer various services from providing you helpful tips and tricks for the exams to tailoring your application to your preferred program. This will help facilitate and nudge the application process in the right direction. 

It can be daunting having to figure out all the logistics by yourself. From the GRE admissions to the exams and more, hence, we hope that the information provided by us helped.

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