To register for a GRE test, it is essential to login into the ETS’s official portal using your login credentials. Once you have successfully registered on the portal, you can now select your exam dates, choose the test centre and make the final payment to register for your GRE test. However, there are a few steps that you need to know with regards to the ETS GRE login before you proceed. This article will help you understand the step-by-step method to successfully login and register for the GRE test. So, let’s begin.

Things to Do Before You Login to ETS for GRE Registration:

  • Familiarize Yourself with ETS’s GRE Login Checklist 

When you land on the official ETS portal, take some time to read and familiarise yourself with the checklist that is laid out by ETS. When you read through each of the points, you will learn about the exam registration, rescheduling, cancellations, ID requirements and more details, which are an essential part of ETS’s policies. 

  • Choose Your Test Format

The GRE test is conducted in two test formats, a computer-delivered and a paper-based test. Decide which test suits your test-taking preference before you register. Do consider your strengths and weaknesses before choosing because the format you are comfortable with may have an impact on the way you perform in the test. 

  • Finalize Your Test Dates

To finalize the dates of your examination, it is essential to check your level of preparedness on the topics that you are going to be tested on. If you find yourself familiar with the basics and can prepare well for the examination within two months then you may go ahead and do so. However, if this is not the case, then experts recommend taking at least 15 months to prepare well for the GRE test. Hence, decide your test dates based on your level of preparedness for the GRE test. 

Step-by-Step Procedure to ETS GRE Login

After you have planned your test dates and have chosen the test format, it is time to register for a GRE test.    

  • Create Your ETS GRE Login Account

To register and create an account you will have to proceed to the MyGRE page and enter your personal and professional details that are asked on the website as part of the process. You should be aware that if you have registered for a TOEFL or PRAXIS test before, then you don’t need to re-create your account.

  • Choose Your Dates

Once you’ve finalized your dates, you can choose amongst the several slots available on a particular day. You can choose any time of the day – morning, noon and night – that is convenient for you. However, public holidays are exempted.  

  • Test Centre

Once you’ve chosen the day and time of your GRE test, it is time to select your venue or the test centre you’d like to visit to take your GRE test. Select the test centre which is the most convenient for you to travel to so that you can get there easily in time. Remember to plan your journey, you do not want anything hindering you at the last minute!   

  • Payments

After you’ve completed all the above steps you will be required to make a payment of an amount ranging between $205 – $255, this amount is the registration fee that you are charged by ETS. However, the amount differs from country to country. Besides, the payment can be made using debit or credit cards.  

  • Identity Proofs

An ID confirmation is essential for you to be permitted to the test centre. It is essential that your name on the MyGRE account and your ID proof match. To avoid any discrepancy that might occur due to typing errors, it is advisable to have your ID with you at the time of registration.

After you have successfully completed the ETS GRE login procedures and registered yourself for the test, you are provided with three services by ETS. 

  • Search Service – connects you to graduate schools that accept the GRE test as part of their admission requirements.
  • Diagnostics – Helps you connect with ETS mentors to discuss solutions from both the sections of the GRE test.
  • Free GRE Prep Materials – Once you’ve registered, you have access to the free preparation material available online that can be downloaded at your ease, using the PowerPrep 2 Software.

We hope this article helped you understand how to go about the ETS gre login procedure and register for the exam.  All the best !

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