Are you planning to take the GRE exam in 2021? Wondering if you are eligible? While there are no specific restrictions, there are a few things to keep in mind before you register for the GRE. We will specify some of the GRE eligibility criteria in the upcoming sections. Keep reading!

GRE Eligibility Criteria 2021
The GRE criterias are listed down as follows: 
  • Age restriction 

There is no GRE exam age limit for you to be able to register and appear for the GRE. The GRE is designed to cater to candidates of all age groups. So if you are 40 or even 50 and above, do not fre; go ahead register for the exam. 

  • Required documents 

You require a valid ID proof to register for the GRE. The first and last name you enter while registering on ETS should correspond to the ID proof you carry to the test center. Hence, make sure you carry the right document to the test center, else you will not be allowed to take the exam. The ID requirements vary based on where you are registering from. Indian nationals are required to carry their passports to test centers. It is advisable to check ID requirements for your state, country or area on ETS before you register yourself. 
According to the ETS, requirements for a general ID are as follows: 

  1. The ID needs to be original and you will need to carry a hard copy. Photocopies or soft copies are not accepted. 
  2. Your ID needs to be a government issued document either by the state/ province/ country, indicating that you are the resident of the country.
  3. You should have a valid ID proof. Hence, make sure to check the validity of your documents before you register. 
  4. The ID should have a recent photograph of yours.
  5. The signature on the ID proof should correspond to all the other forms/ documents you fill.
  • 1. c) Test centers

Due to the Covid- 19 pandemic, there are several rules and regulations you must adhere to if you are visiting the test centers to give your GRE exam. You should make sure to check what specific rules you have to follow with the designated test center. Non- compliance of rules will make you ineligible for the GRE. 

  • 2.d) GRE At-home tests

The ETS has launched the GRE at-home tests due to the Covid-19 pandemic as test centers are temporarily shut down. However, the GRE at-home tests are not available in all countries, so make sure to check if it is available in yours before you decide on it.  
If the GRE at-home test is available to you, there are a couple of guidelines for you. The guidelines are as follows : 

  1. You need to possess an updated desktop or laptop with Windows 10 or updated softwares. 
  2. The desktop or laptop needs to be placed on a tabletop. No other objects or equipment are allowed or to be placed on the tabletop.
  3. The ETS browser and the ProctorU systems check should be installed on your desktop or laptop before you begin the exam. 
  4. Nobody else can be present in the room once you begin the exam. 
  • 3.e) Physically – challenged or mental challenged

The GRE makes necessary arrangements if you suffer from any physical or mental illness. The ETS provides a form which you have to fill with specific needs and  submit it to the ETS. The ETS then makes sure to provide you all that is necessary. 

  • 4.f) Qualification

There are no  restrictions regarding the qualifications if you want to  appear for the GRE. However, it is imperative to check university application guidelines as they specify certain qualifications necessary in order to seek admission for a specific course. They also recommend a specific GPA score range in order to admit you into their institution. Moreover, most universities require you to have finished an undergraduate degree.

  • 5.g) Nationality

The GRE is open to all nationalities and does not limit or deny the exam to any nationality. Although the GRE at-home test is not available to those residing in Mainland China and Iran. The ETS is working with these two countries to make them available as soon as possible.

  • 6.h) GRE retakes

The GRE allows you to retake the examination if you are not satisfied with how you have performed. However, you can only retake the GRE upto 5 times in a year. The duration between each GRE exam you take, has to be around 21 days. Once you’ve exceeded the limit within the year, you have to wait till next year to attempt the GRE again. Moreover, you can choose the best score and submit it to universities of your choice.
The criteria for GRE exam  should be kept in mind before you register and apply for the examination. It is essential that you adhere to the criteria and guidelines set by the ETS, as non-adherence will prevent you from appearing for the exam itself. We hope to have clarified any queries you might have regarding the GRE exam eligibility criteria.


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