You might have spent the final years of your Bachelor’s education or the years following it wondering about what you want to pursue in the future. If you have decided that you want to do a Master’s degree abroad, one of the many hurdles you need to clear is the Graduate Record Examination or the GRE.

Many universities worldwide use the GRE as a standardised test to gauge a student’s ability to carry out the course work for the graduate degree. However, as with anything else in life, preparation and practice are crucial for acing the exam.  

The good news is that you can practice using a GRE sample paper or a GRE model paper, which is designed to mimic the original exam. When you solve multiple GRE exam sample papers, your chances of getting a high score increases.

What to Expect in a GRE Sample Paper?

Ideally, a GRE sample paper should model the questions that you might receive in the actual examination. It should also create a similar environment to be mentally prepared to take the exam and know what to expect.

Since the GRE is a four-hour long computerised exam, you should attempt the GRE sample test paper in one four hour stretch. Moreover, the questions on the GRE sample paper are mostly drawn from the questions that have appeared in examinations in the previous years or follow a similar pattern.

Besides, the ETS or the Educational Testing Service, the organisation that conducts GRE, also has GRE model papers on its website for various sections. If you go through those papers, you will understand that there is a pattern to the questions in the exam.

A GRE sample paper will most likely come with detailed answers to all the questions. These will help you understand where you went wrong and improve your score in the actual exam. 


The Benefits of Using GRE Sample Papers

If you are planning on taking the GRE, solving various GRE sample papers can offer valuable insights and help improve your score. Here are some of the benefits of practising the GRE model paper.        

  • Helps You Practice

There is no denying that practice makes perfect. Well, at least near perfect. Therefore, as you practice using GRE sample test papers with answers, you will become more familiar with the exam and question pattern.

You may have practised a large number of questions when you were preparing for each topic. However, there is a difference when you are practising questions of one topic at a time and when you have to do questions from various topics as you would in the actual exam. This familiarizes you with the actual examination. 

Shifting between different topics and searching through everything you have learned is not as simple as solving questions from a single topic. When you practice various GRE sample test papers, you will notice an improvement in this skill.  

  • Helps in Strategising

Every exam needs a strategy. What would you do when you do not know the answer to a question? What if you know how to approach a question, but it is a time-consuming process? Will you guess the answers to questions? If you think of the GRE like a battle, then your strategy is your battle plan.

Generally, a score of 155 and above on your verbal reasoning and 160 and above on your quantitative reasoning is considered good. However, this will vary depending on which university and what course you want. Some universities may need a higher score in quantitative reasoning. Some courses, such as the ones on literature and humanities, might expect a higher score in the verbal section.  

Having a strategy will help you get the desired score. If you are trying for admission to a technical course, it might make better sense to focus on the questions in the quantitative reasoning section.

  • Prepares You Be Mentally 

Acing an exam is not just about studying all the topics and practising the questions for the topics. How you feel in the exam environment plays a huge role in determining your score.

Some students get intimidated in the exam environment and end up taking more time than they usually do to solve questions and even forget certain topics.

Practising a GRE sample paper in the test environment removes the novelty when you take the actual exam. Since you are already familiar with the format and exam environment, you will be better prepared for it. 

  • Helps Focus on Your  Weaknesses

Trying to solve GRE sample papers will expose areas that need more work. There may be certain topics that you need to revise more. Maybe your time management skills are holding you back, or perhaps you doubt yourself while selecting answers.

As you practice more GRE model papers, you will be able to understand the issues that are holding you back. With the help of these papers you will be able to work on these areas to improve your GRE score.


There is no denying that working on GRE sample papers can benefit you greatly. The quality of your GRE model paper is equally important in this regard. CareerLabs offers mock GRE sample test papers with answers that can help radically improve your score.

The mock tests are conducted in a space that best resembles the actual test environment. The questions are chosen with utmost care to reflect the actual pattern and the answers are detailed enough to help you understand the concepts better.   


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