Prep under the mentorship of a top-notch faculty, clear all your doubts, and be ready to achieve your target score

    100+ Hours of Video Lectures

    Watch Verbal & Quant lectures on a tab. Get 1500+ practice questions, video solutions & official guide solutions.


    Attend Live Webinars or Physical Classes

    Watch live webinars or attend a class. Get real-time help on doubts.


    Free Membean

    Improve your vocab for GRE in a structured way through 5 audio-visual techniques.


    Diagnostic Toolkit

    Discover your weak spots with DTS and get exclusive real-time guidance to fix them.


    Test Day Experience & Student Portal

    Get 5 mock GRE tests with their video solutions in our exclusive student portal.

    Who: Little to negligible level of preparation

    Comprehensive lectures in a guided format to give you end-to-end guidance in your GRE preparation journey.


    High quality classes from veteran professors who themselves were 330+ scores in GRE and are teachers by choice.


    Guidance from the very basics of GRE quant and GRE verbal with a detailed course structure offering multiple layers of coaching.


    Live classes as a second lamina of preparation for effective learning and to maintain discipline in terms of curriculum outline and teaching.


    Revision classes for tackling the rugged parts of GRE exam, guided mentorship program and complete assessment of individual areas to identify fragile areas.

    Who: Halfway across your GRE prep or stuck somewhere in between.

    Well-defined set of medium, high-level and official guide questions with solutions.


    An adaptive question bank with analysis to help you narrow down your GRE preparation.


    Focus only on your shaky areas and build your level up from there by revisiting lectures in those areas.


    Get a taste of our unique Diagnostic Tool Kit(DTK), a software that analyses your performance and gives you feedback on which areas you’re weak in, and also how to improve those weak areas.


    Continuous self-assessment of your progress compiled with a meticulously thought out GRE course structure and customised study plans providing the edge that you need to bridge the gap between your current stage and a 90 percentile stage.

    Who: About to conclude with GRE preparation

    Library of 1000+ practice questions entirely based on the GRE exam pattern.


    Complete analysis of your weak areas and detailed feedback explaining the reasoning behind the lag.


    Attend lectures and clear concepts of fragile areas and consequently convert them into strong areas.


    Utilise the Test Analyser to become comfortable with the GRE pattern and score your best in the ultimate final test


    Gain the last mile push with personal consulting sessions from our mentors. Our personal mentors will guide you through the entire duration of your course with the best laid course schedule and timely reviews.


    Finally, opt for our class apart admissions consulting services and achieve an admission into your dream grad school.

    Vocal Made Easy

    Text Completion

    Crack Reading Comprehensions

    BYJU’s GRE Services By CareerLabs

    Want to pursue a Master’s/PhD at your dream school? Our flexible, personalised learning program will help you get there faster
    Unlimited mentoring by our 99th percentile faculty
    Designed in India by Indians for Indian test-takers
    Patented shortcuts to help you solve within 60 seconds
    Flexible enough to fit easily into your busy schedule
    Ace GRE by following our comprehensive 2-tier preparation approach. Master your basics, learn new strategies to solve GRE Verbal and Quant, use Membean to improve your vocab, fix your weak spots with real-time diagnostics, and march towards a high-level practice with our 99th percentile faculty to score a 320+ in GRE.


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      Despite being one of the most challenging examinations in the world, it is definitely possible to crack GMAT with the right guidance and conceptual learning, intertwined with practice.
      Toast to well-deserved successes like Pranjal’s.

      Despite being one of the most challenging examinations in the world, it is definitely possible to crack GMAT with the right guidance and conceptual learning, intertwined with practice.
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