One of the world’s most coveted academic qualifications is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. It is a degree that can open excellent career options for you. An MBA at a reputed business school can groom you to reach a top managerial position in some of the world’s best organizations.

To qualify for an MBA, you need to get a good score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The first step to preparing for the GMAT is to register with the best GMAT online coaching program.

Through the course of this article, we’ll provide you with an overview of how to prepare for your GMAT exam and how to choose the best coaching for GMAT in India. So, keep reading!

About GMAT

GMAT is an internationally accepted standardized test that is an admission requirement for most reputed business schools across the world. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) administers it. There are GMAT centres all over the world except for a few sanctioned countries.

The GMAT paper has four sections —  Integrated Reasoning (IR), Quantitative Reasoning (QR), Verbal Reasoning (VR), and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). 

  • Quantitative Reasoning – The GMAT Quantitative section tests your ability to solve quantitative problems using your logical and analytical reasoning skills. The concepts asked are mostly from high school level mathematics. The section comprises 31 questions of two types: Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. You get 62 minutes to solve all these math problems. 
  • Analytical Writing Assessment – The GMAT AWA or the Analytical Writing Assessment section measures your critical thinking abilities. The question presents an argument based on any topic of general interest. You are required to analyze the argument and convey your ideas in the form of an English essay. The section is scored on a scale of 0-6. 
  • Verbal Reasoning – GMAT Verbal Reasoning section consists of 36 questions that are designed to measure your ability to read and comprehend a passage. The section also tests how well you can critically analyze written material. You get 65 minutes to answer all the questions from this section. Three types of questions asked in this section are Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, and  Reading comprehension.
  • Integrated Reasoning –  The Integrated Reasoning section of GMAT assesses your ability to analyze data presented in different formats — text, graphics, numbers, etc.  You are required to use your logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities to interpret data and derive meaningful conclusions from them. The section consists of 12 questions and you only get 30 minutes to answer them. The questions asked are categorized into four types: Graphics Interpretation, Multi-source Reasoning, Table Analysis, Two-part Analysis. 

The maximum score you can get on the GMAT is 800. However, if you happen to get a score you are unsatisfied with, you can reattempt the GMAT exam up to five times a year with a minimum gap of sixteen days between each attempt.

How to Get the Best GMAT Online Coaching?

One of the best ways to get a good GMAT score is to join a GMAT coaching center. But is there a good option for GMAT coaching near me? you may ask. The good news is that you can get GMAT online coaching, without ever having to visit a GMAT coaching center.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a proliferation of centers offering GMAT online courses. The problem is that all coaching classes may not be up to the mark, and many are duping innocent GMAT aspirants with below-average guidance and information. 

So, if you are a GMAT aspirant, read on to know how to find the best GMAT online coaching in India that is right for you.

What to Look For in GMAT Online Coaching?

If you are selective in your quest for the best GMAT online coaching, you can be successful in getting a high score on GMAT. Here are some of the crucial elements to look for:

  • Take a look at the course reviews

Reviews give you a good idea about courses, as most of them might’ve been shared by those who attended a particular course. You may find some bogus reviews (perhaps posted by competitors). There may also be reviews from those who did not work hard enough. You can discount those.

  • Check the level of flexibility

You need to have an idea of the “face time” that you are likely to get in your coaching course. You can get free GMAT coaching online, but you may not get the amount of face time that some of the best GMAT online coaching classes offer. Hence, while choosing a coaching center, along with the aforementioned criteria, make sure you get the flexibility to choose a time and place convenient for your classes.

  • What are the course benefits?

In addition to the obvious benefits that you get from online courses like flexible timings and the possibility of attending from wherever you are, do make it a point to look for additional benefits. For example, what type of study material are they offering?

Ask questions about the number of tests and practice sessions they offer, the feedback system, frequency of reviews, and so on.

  • Experience and skill level of the instructors

Try to identify the instructor and find out a bit about their background. If they took the GMAT themselves, what was their score? How do they explain things? You could also check how they respond to articles and discussion threads to get an overview of their level of articulation and their grasp on the subject.

  • Course duration

Be aware of the course duration. Typically, you would have to pay more for longer courses. Although you may save money on shorter courses, you may not get enough learning out of them.

  • Check if it is suitable for your needs

If you have specific areas where you are weak conceptually, you may be better off with an individual tutor to focus on these, instead of a general course. If the course does not cover your weak spots effectively, there’s no use attending it, as you might still be at square one even when you are done.

  • Terms and conditions

Go through the terms and conditions of the center before enrolling for a course. Some of the best GMAT coaching classes will ask you to send in your score report to see if you are up to the required standard. If your GMAT scores are exceptional, you might even get a 50-or-70-point money-back offer from some of the courses.

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Evaluate your knowledge with our GMAT Quiz

A) On Monday, a tank was half empty and it was filled by a pipe. On Thursday, the tank was 3/4th empty and it was filled by the same pipe. If a total of 24 litres was dispensed by the pipe, then what is the capacity of the tank?

B) An airline charges $1/lb of luggage, up to 20lbs. Beyond 20lbs, it charges $0.5 for every extra pound. What is the total charge if three packages each weighing 10lbs, 30lbs and 40lbs?

C)  In Ghana, Leishmaniasis and Tuberculosis are the two most common infectious diseases. Over the past ten years, Leishmaniasis has been primarily responsible for the overall increase in infectious disease cases. Therefore it is likely that there were more cases of Leishmaniasis than Tuberculosis ten  years ago.

Which of the following most strengthens the argument above?

Your score is

The average score is 31%


Getting the Best from Your Online GMAT Course

It is easy to get a high score on GMAT if you follow a few best practices. Here are a few good pointers for the best GMAT online preparation:

  • Spend time learning

If you want to be successful, you’ve got to invest your time in the project. Spend at least three to six hours a day studying the course material and attempting practice questions.

  • Ask doubts

If you are not clear on a particular point discussed in the online classroom, look it up offline and figure it out. If you still have trouble, ask the instructor for assistance in understanding the topic!

  • Apply the concepts

Work hard and apply whatever you learn in practice. Once you are well acquainted with a topic, you need to practice it by solving the question papers. Besides, you need to remain focused with the single-minded purpose of getting a high score on the GMAT.

Benefits of GMAT Online Coaching

Taking GMAT classes at coaching institutes has its own benefits such as face-to-face interactions with the tutors. However, nowadays,  GMAT coaching online has become more favourable considering among the GMAT aspirants like you, owing to the flexibility and convenience they offer. Besides, in this COVID19 pandemic era, it is advisable to stay at home as much as possible, and online classes could be your go-to place for test preparations. 

If you are still confused about whether to attend online coaching or not, we’ve listed some advantages of these classes for you. Read on. 

  • Convenience – If you are enrolling for an online GMAT training, you can access your sessions from any part of the world at your convenience. Besides, you will get an option to record the classes and go back to listening to them whenever you have time. Besides, online coaching helps you save extra commuting time and class hours.
  • Unlimited Access to Study Materials – From GMAT learning materials to mock tests, from practice questions to starter kits, online coaching classes provide you with a lot of study materials. Besides, as mentioned above, when you enroll for a GMAT online coaching class, you get the option to record and re-watch the lessons, which is not available in an offline class.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Most of the best GMAT online coaching in India offer classes at a budget-friendly price. For example., offline coaching may cost you around 25,000 – 50,000 INR, while online coaching could cost you around 3,500 – 15,000 INR (may vary based on the institutes). Besides, if you plan to take up online classes, you could get trial classes for free based on which, you can decide whether to opt for it or not. 

Scoring 700 or above in GMAT may not be easy, but it is achievable if you follow the tips provided here. You can enrol with CareerLabs, one of the best GMAT coaching in India by highly qualified instructors who use proven and patented techniques. Check out a free GMAT coaching online session by enrolling in our free tutorial.

The online, offline, and flip classes offered by CareerLabs will keep you on track. You also get to use diagnostic toolkit software to identify your errors and improve your understanding of the subject matter. Enrol for the best GMAT online coaching to achieve a GMAT score of 700 or more on your first attempt itself.


  • Are GMAT online coaching classes expensive?

No, not all GMAT online coaching classes are expensive. You can select programs that suit your budget and requirements.

  • Which GMAT coaching is the best?

There are a plethora of online coaching classes available to choose from, however, you will need to first check the content of the programs they are offering as well as the additional services offered (counseling, admissions consulting services, etc). Careerlabs provides you access to numerous resources and guides you through till you get into the b-school of your choice.

  • Can GMAT online coaching classes be personalized?

Yes, the online coaching services can be customized as per the student’s strengths and weaknesses. While this may not be possible in traditional classroom coaching, online coaching gives you the flexibility to select which areas and topics you want to focus on.

  • What is the time period which is required for GMAT online coaching?

There is no fixed time for GMAT online coaching, this can once again be selected as per your needs and the time you have available to study. An ideal period for coaching would be 3 months before your GMAT exam date. This will give you ample time to complete studying the basics and practice solving mock exams as well.


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