GRE Scores

ETS has adopted a new scoring system for GRE exams from 2012. The scores taken in the old test format are no longer reportable. The new test scores are valid upto five years from the date of examination. With good preparation and a perfect mindset, the GRE exam will be a walk in the park. Having a good GRE score is imperative to gain admission into a dream school. In this post, we discuss how the GRE tests are scored and more.

GRE Total Score

The total score for ETS GRE is now scored between 260-340 rather than the old 200-800. The Analytical Writing section is scored separately between 0-6, in 0.5 increments. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative reasoning sections are scored between 130-170 marks each and with increments of one mark per correct question.

GRE Score Range

The score range for GRE is mentioned in the table below.

Test Content Score Range
Verbal Reasoning 130-170, 1 point increment
Quantitative Reasoning 130-170, 1 point increment
Analytical Writing 0-6, 0.5 point increment

How is the GRE test scored?

After completing the test, the computer displays the score the candidate has obtained in the Verbal and GRE Quantitative reasoning segments. This score is equal to the number of questions the candidate has answered correctly, which is called the raw score. The raw score then goes through a process called ‘equating’, which normalises the score with respect to the past 5 years questions and the differences in the difficulty among the sections. The final score you receive is called the equated score.

The Analytical Writing segment is first scored by an ETS trained test scorer, then by a computerized program called e-rater. Both these scores are compared to check if they are closely matching. The average of the two is taken as the final score if they are similar, or else a second ETS trained test scorer will rate the segment and the average of both the human scores are taken as final.

GRE Score Card

ETS sends the official scorecard to your ETS account and your desired institution recipients and the same is intimated through email. At the end of the test, you can view your score on the exam dashboard. It’ll only contain the Verbal and Quantitative scores, while it takes 10-15 days for the Analytical writing score to be evaluated.

The scorecard contains your name, gender, date of birth, contact information, test date, GRE scores and percentiles, recipients of the score and culminated record of scores in the past five years.

The scorecard can be sent to a maximum of four graduate schools and if you want to send to more schools, it costs $50 to do so.

GRE Score Validity

The GRE score is valid for a duration of five years from the date of taking the examination. The candidate can choose to send his best scores to any institution using the ScoreSelect option. The candidate is allowed to select a maximum of 4 institutions to send the scorecard, sending to more institutions cost you extra.

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