GRE and the GMAT are standardised tests required for admissions to international and national business schools. For a long period, GMAT was considered the best means to test your academic readiness for an MBA program. However, the acceptance of GRE scores for MBA admissions has recently seen a rise too. The information available regarding the GRE scores for business schools is still limited. Hence, most business schools use the GRE to GMAT score conversion method to compare the scores of all applicants. 


Let us have a look at how the business schools do that. 


Score Comparison


Although both GRE and GMAT exams cover similar topics and ask similar types of questions, they are scored differently. The GMAT is scored on a 200-800 scale while GRE doesn’t provide you with a total score. However, the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative sections of both GMAT and GRE play a major role in deciding your cumulative scores. In GRE, the scores of Quant and Verbal, which are separately scored in the range of 130-160, are simply added to give your cumulative GRE score. However, in GMAT, your Verbal and Quant scores are separately scored and scaled to calculate your cumulative GMAT score. 


With all these differences in scoring patterns, an accurate comparison between the two tests is not feasible. Having said that, since more and more business schools are accepting GRE scores, 

ETS — the conducting body of GRE — has introduced a tool to convert GRE scores to their equivalent GMAT scores. This comparison tool helps the schools to predict the equivalent GMAT score (Quantitative and Verbal scores) using the available GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative reasoning scores. To use this tool, you should first visit the ETS website and go to the Score Interpretation Resources page, where you’ll find Business School Comparison Tool. Then, you have to enter your GRE Quant and verbal scores in the boxes provided there. Once you fill it, you will get the possible GMAT total score, along with the predicted GMAT Verbal and quantitative score.


To begin with, given below is a GRE to GMAT Score Conversion Table that shows how the GRE scores are converted to GMAT scores. The table is created based on the data provided by the GRE’s comparison tool for B-schools.


Percentile Scores


Just like predicting your cumulative score, it is also important to check what your percentile scores would be after conversion. You can see the percentile scores in the GRE and GMAT score reports. These score reports display your percentage if you have obtained a score lower than the specified score, which helps you anticipate your competition. 


Here’s a table that will give you an overview of the GRE GMAT Quant and Verbal Reasoning Percentile Comparison. 


Percentile Comparison – Verbal Reasoning
GMAT Verbal score (0-60) GRE Verbal score (130-170) Percentile (approx)
0-6 130 0-2 %
51-60 169-170 99%


Percentile Comparison – Quantitative Reasoning
GMAT Quant score (0-60) GRE Quant score (130-170) Percentile (approx)
6-10 130-131 0-1 %
51 170 96-97 %


Most B-schools accept both GRE scores and GMAT scores for the admission purposes. Hence, figuring out which test is the best for you can be difficult. Though business schools use GRE to GMAT conversion tools to check the scores, an exact comparison between the two scores is not possible. Therefore, before taking a decision, know which exam aligns with your skills and do your research on acceptance rate of these scores. Besides, consider the points mentioned above, and compare your scores. 

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