In today’s world, a business management or a business degree holds immense value. However, to pursue one in a renowned school, you need to get through entrance exams like GRE first. Most business schools list GRE as necessary requirements for seeking admission. In this article, we will give you a list of top business schools accepting GRE scores, therefore, making it easier for you to choose from. 

Business Schools that accept GRE scores in the US

In the following table, you will find the top business schools that accept GRE scores in the US, accompanied by the GRE score required.

University Name/ Business School  City & State  Total GRE score (Verbal + Quantitative) 
Harvard Business School Boston, Massachusetts328
Yale School of Management New Haven, Connecticut 329
NYU Stern School of BusinessNew York City 323
UCLA Anderson School of Management Los Angeles, California 328
Duke Fuqua School of BusinessDurham, North Carolina 321
University of Virginia Darden School of BusinessCharlottesville, Virginia 323
Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management Ithaca, New York322
Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of BusinessPittsburg, Pennsylvania 321
UC-Berkeley Haas School of BusinessBerkeley, California 325
Stanford Graduate School of BusinessStanford, California 329
Dartmouth Tuck School of BusinessHanover, New Hampshire 319
University of Michigan’s Ross School of BusinessAnn Arbor, Michigan320

Business schools that accept GRE scores in India 

The table below lists the top universities that accept GRE scores in the India:

Business School  City & State 
Indian School of Business (ISB)Hyderabad, Telangana 
Asia Graduate School of BusinessHyderabad, Telangana 
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Ahmedabad, Gujarat 
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Bengaluru, Karnataka 
Indian Institute of Management Udaipur Udaipur, Rajasthan 
Aegis School of BusinessMumbai, Maharashtra 
Global School of Management Bengaluru, Karnataka 
BITS School of Management Bengaluru, Karnataka 
Myra School of Business Mysore, Karnataka 
International School of Management Excellence Bengaluru, Karnataka 

Business Schools that accept GRE scores in the UK 

In the following table, we have enlisted the top business schools that accept GRE scores in the UK.  

Business School  City & Country 
University of Oxford Oxford, UK
Durham University Durham, UK 
University of Bath Bath, UK 
University of Bristol Bristol , UK 
University College London London, UK
London School of Economics and Political Science London, UK 
Lancaster University Lancaster, UK 
University of Warwick Coventry, UK 
University of Cambridge  Cambridge, UK  
City, University of London London, UK 
University of St AndrewsSt Andrews, UK 

Business Schools accepting GRE scores in Europe

 We will enlist the top colleges that accept GRE scores in Europe, in the table below: 

Business school  City & Country 
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Frankfurt, Germany 
University of Limerick Limerick, Ireland 
Toulouse Business School Toulouse, France 
United International Business Schools Antwerp, Belgium 
ALBA Graduate Business SchoolAthens, Greece 
European School of Management and Technology Berlin, Germany 
Maastricht School of Management Maastricht, Netherlands 
NEOMA Business SchoolMont-Saint-Aignan, France
University of Amsterdam- Amsterdam Business SchoolAmsterdam, Netherlands 
University College Dublin Dublin, Ireland 
GISMA Business School Hanover, Germany 
ISCTE Business School – Lisbon University Institute Lisbon, Portugal 

The above-mentioned are some of the top universities and colleges that accept GRE scores. Having said that, most business schools prefer GMAT over GRE. A couple of reasons why they prefer the GMAT over GRE is as follows: 

  1. The first reason being, the GRE is a recent development in the field of Business Studies. The GMAT has been around for longer and the Business School admission committee receives a lot more GMAT tests than GRE. This makes it easier for the admission committee to compare, contrast and choose the perfect candidate. 
  2. The second reason being, taking the GRE — according to the admission committee — means you are not very keen on doing a business or management program. Since the GRE is a graduate exam, it makes you eligible for all graduate programs and broadens your scope of applying to any number of programs you wish. This is seen as a drawback for the business school admission committee. 
  3. The third reason being, the admission committee believes that the Quantitative and Integrated reasoning sections of the GMAT will equip the students with similar skills that are required for the MBA program.

Despite these reasons, about 75% of Business schools give equal importance to the GRE exam scores. 

We have given you a detailed list of all the Universities and top Business schools that accept GRE scores all around the world. However, you can find the exhaustive list of all graduate schools that accept GRE scores on the ETS official site. Hopefully the information we have provided keeps you informed and gives you clarity with regards to the application process for business schools. So, what is holding you back, gear up and start the application process!

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Top Business Schools which Accept GRE scores

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  1. What are some reputable B-schools that will accept a GRE score?

Harvard Business School, IIM-Ahmedabad, and Oxford University are among the top business schools around the world that will accept a GRE score.

  1. How much should my target GRE score be to get into the top business schools?

You should aim for a GRE score of 320+ to secure a good chance of getting admitted to a top B-school.

  1. What are some top B-schools in India that will accept a GRE score as a part of the application requirements?

The Indian Institutes of Management across the country accept GRE scores, and so does the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, among others.


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