Getting a perfect score in the GRE verbal section could seem like a daunting task, especially without proper preparation. The verbal section of the GRE is tricky to prepare for as it tests your proficiency in the English language at different levels. Hence, acing this section with a great score requires thorough preparation and practice. While there are many resources available for test preparation, books are still the most sought after resources. However, for effective results, it is imperative that you choose the best books for GRE Verbal Preparation.

Read this article to find out ways to choose the best books along with some good book recommendations. 

How to Choose the Best Books for GRE Verbal Reasoning?

The Verbal Reasoning tests your ability to analyze and evaluate a written passage. The section also tests how well you synthesise the information obtained from the provided passage and understand the connection between the words and sentences. The questions are of three types:

  • Reading Comprehension, where you read and comprehend a given passage and understand the various literary aspects such as the meanings of words and also try to distinguish between the major and minor points, etc.
  • Sentence Equivalence, where you’ll have to fill in the blanks of a given passage by choosing the words that have similar meanings.
  • Text completion, where you are required to examine a text, evaluate it and reason from what you have read to fill in the missing parts of a sentence.

A lot of Verbal reasoning books are available to help you ace all the aspects of the English language as listed above. However, when choosing the best book for GRE Verbal Reasoning, you must keep the following points in mind.

  • Look for books that provide all the learning concepts needed to ace the GRE verbal section. For eg, the verbal section consists of three question types. Hence, look for a book that has all the related information. 
  • Choose a book that includes high-quality practice tests with detailed explanations. 
  • Make sure that the tests and information aligns with the GRE verbal syllabus and question pattern.
  • Look for a book that provides strategies to solve the questions. 
  • Pick the latest editions of whichever book you choose.

Best Books for GRE Verbal Practice

Verbal Reasoning is one of the crucial sections of the exam that contributes to your overall score in the GRE exam. Hence, use only the best resources to get the desired score and achieve your dreams of studying abroad. Here are some of the best books for GRE verbal practice:

  • ETS Official Guide for Verbal Reasoning: The guide is considered one of the most reliable sources to practice GRE verbal reasoning questions since the book is developed by the creators of GRE. Around 150 GRE Verbal Reasoning questions are included in the book and all the questions are similar to the actual GRE verbal section questions. Additionally, the guide consists of instructional material, vital test-taking information etc., to help you prepare for the actual exam.
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis: Building a good vocabulary is essential to answer the questions in the GRE verbal section. This GRE Verbal book will help you in improving your vocabulary. All the words are listed based on the etymology, and the book provides a simpler, step‑by‑step method to improve your English vocabulary.
  • Barron’s GRE Verbal Workbook – This book includes the concepts and practice tests pertaining to the GRE’s verbal section. Solving these questions will help you identify the sections you’re weaker at, and measure the progress during the preparation phase. 

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Your score is

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A thorough preparation using the best books for GRE Verbal Preparation will have a great impact on your overall GRE exam performance. The books discussed in this article will help you do that. Hence, create a study plan, refer to the above information and attempt the verbal section with confidence.


  1.  How should I prepare for GRE Verbal?

Preparing for verbal must include the following steps – develop a habit of reading, from news to articles, blogs to books, etc. You can also subscribe to weekly journals. You should also focus on improving your vocabulary using flashcards.

  1. Which is the best book for GRE Verbal preparation?

The best book for verbal preparation is the ETS Official guide for Verbal Reasoning. It is one of the most trustworthy resources since it is developed by the creators of the GMAT exam.

  1. Which book should I prefer for GRE verbal? 

There are several books available for GRE verbal preparation but ensure to select books which are from credible sources. One such would be the ETS official guide for verbal reasoning. 

Good luck!


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