Are you looking for the top five Universities for Computer Science in Germany?  We know choosing the best universities can be a daunting task, especially when Germany has so many renowned universities. Worry not, we are here to help make the process easier for you!  However, to begin with, let’s talk about the benefits of living and studying in Germany. 

Benefits of Studying in Germany:

Located in Europe, Germany is the seventh largest country with various beautiful landscapes. In addition, Germany is also home to many WWII sites as well. Moreover, Germany’s literacy rate is 99% and ranks among the top 40 literate countries in the world. It has many renowned universities that offer various graduate and postgraduate programs. So, if you are looking to study here, then the benefits are many. Here’s listing a few: 

  • Tuition fees: Germany is offering education and internationally accredited degrees free of cost to all it’s local and international students from October 2021. Universities in Germany are to abolish tuition fees to accommodate every student trying to seek admission at their universities. 
  • Degree programs in English: Almost all university programmes offer degree programs in English. As an international student, moving abroad is a difficult transition, and to add to it, learning a new language is equally difficult. Universities in Germany make it easy for you and offer programs like Masters in Computer Science in English and German. 
  • Job opportunities: While the tuition fee is to be abolished, there is the living cost which you have to fund by yourself. Lot of students take up jobs while studying to fund themselves. Germany being a well-developed country, has a lot of job opportunities to offer. Although as an international student, you are required to apply for a work permit to work here. 
  • Schengen visa: Living in Germany allows you to explore the country and try a variety of outdoor activities such as biking, trekking, camping and so on. In addition, you will also hold a Schengen visa allowing you to travel to most countries — part of European Union— except for the United Kingdom. Hence, you can travel to several places without worrying about entry permits. 
  • After graduation: Once you have graduated, the law allows you to stay back for around an additional period of 18 months. This will give you time to seek a job of your choice. 
Top Five Universities in Germany for MS in Computer Science 

The top five universities for Computer Science in Germany are as follows: 

  • Technical University of Munich 

Founded in 1868, the Technical University of Munich ranks amongst the top 50 universities in the world. It has ranked number one amongst universities in Germany for seven consecutive years. It has 15 academic departments and over 45,356 students. Their faculty at the Computer Science department has been the best for years.

Some of the courses they offer are Masters in Computer Science, Masters in Data engineering and Analytics, Master in Computational Science and Engineering, Master in Biomedical Computing, Master in Computer Science: Games engineering, and Masters in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence. 

  • Technical University of Berlin 

Re-established in 1946, the Technical University of Berlin ranks among the top 30 universities in Germany and was “the first technical university”. It began with the advent of industrialisation as a need for engineering and technical courses arose. The Technical University of Berlin has over 22,695 students and over 20 departments. Their Computer Science department ranks amongst the top 150 universities all over the world. 

The courses offered by the Computer Science department are M.Sc in Scientific Computing, M.Sc in Computer Science, M.Sc in Computational Neuroscience, M.Sc in Information Systems Management, and Civil Systems Engineering. 

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Founded in 2009, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ranks amongst the top 250 universities globally. In Germany, it ranks amongst the top 25 universities. It has over 107 programs and over 23,321 students. The Computer Science department ranks among the top ten in Germany and in the top 100 universities globally. Some of the programs offered are Masters in Informatics, Master in Mechatronics and Information technology, and Masters in Electrical engineering and Information technology.  

  • RWTH Aachen University

Founded in 1870, the RWTH Aachen university ranks amongst the top 200 universities all over the world. It also ranks amongst the top 10 in Germany. The RWTH Aachen university has over 45,256 students enrolled. The Computer Science department ranks amongst the top 200 universities internationally. 

Some of the courses offered by the Computer Science department are Masters in Data Science, Masters in Media Informatics, Masters in Electrical engineering, Masters in Information Technology and Computer engineering, Masters in Communications engineering, Electrical Power engineering , Masters in Micro- and Nano-electronics, and Masters in Software Systems engineering.   

  • LMU Munich 

Founded in 1472, the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München (LMU Munich) ranks 32 amongst the world university rankings. LMU Munich has over 35,319 students, which includes over 5,000 international students. It is recognised as one of Europe’s most prestigious and leading universities in research. 

Some of the courses offered by the Computer Science department include Masters in Data Science, Masters in Software engineering, Masters in Media, Management and Digital Technologies. 

Hope this comprehensive overview of the top five universities for Computer Science in Germany helps you shortlist the best one. So what are you waiting for? Gear up to apply to the university of your choice!


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