As final year graduates, one of the most crucial stages of your college life is getting a placement in a good company. But, sometimes, even if you wish to apply to top companies such as Accenture, Infosys, IBM, etc., they may not visit your campus. Or sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you might’ve failed in securing a job placement. Either way, if you fail to get a job in campus recruitment, you can opt for Off-campus recruitment drives. A lot of multinational companies are conducting freshers off campus drives 2021 now. So, if you are wondering what you need to know about this year’s off-campus drives, we’ve explained all the important information in this article. But, before we move on to that, let’s take a look at India’s hiring trends, employment opportunities, etc.

Employment Opportunities in India: What Stats Say

According to a study conducted by Mcinsey and Company, the Indian economy has been one among the 18 outperforming emerging economies to achieve consistent growth over the last three decades. However, another survey conducted by the National Statistical Office (NSO) highlights that India’s unemployment rate has increased to 10.3 percent in 2020 October-December, compared to 7.9 per cent in the last year. One of the reasons for this was the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, which has put the commercial activities on halt for a long time.  

In India, around 85 lakh students graduate every year and around 75 percent of graduates opt for jobs rather than higher studies. However, according to the data published by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd, around 37.9 percent of the youth (20-24) are unemployed. The reasons for this could be anything, from taking up a job that doesn’t match their interests to lack of opportunities. Hence, it is important to be open to all the available options, once you are in the final year of your graduation. And, if you have limited options available from your college, you should start applying for Off-campus drives.  

What are Off-Campus Drives and How Does it Differ From On-Campus Placement?

Unlike campus placement, off-campus drive/recruitment is conducted without your college being involved in the process. In off-campus placements, you need to directly send job applications to the companies and inquire about the role you’re looking for. Off-campus recruitment provides more job opportunities to choose from, compared to the on-campus recruitment conducted by colleges.

Companies like Infosys, IBM, Infosys, HCL, and L&T have freshers jobs for the 2021 batch. You can apply to these off-campus jobs through different ways. You can apply through their  careers page, check out their hiring fests, apply through referrals, or by directly talking to the recruiter. However, if you are planning to apply for any off-campus fresher jobs in 2021, you need to be well prepared for that, and the following tips will help you for the same.

  • Prepare a strong resume – As mentioned above, unlike campus placements, off-campus drives require you to send your  job applications directly to the companies. A well-crafted resume is the best way to create first impressions in such cases. Prepare an exceptional resume highlighting all your skills. Frame it in a way that it reflects your personality and skills.
  • Give aptitude tests – Most companies judge your basic logic and reasoning skills through aptitude tests. Hence, practice as many aptitude tests available online as you can. 
  • Research about the company – Conduct thorough research about the company you wish to apply to. The interviewer might ask you some questions related to that specific organization during the interview. Hence, you must know the company values, their products or services, your job role, etc. Besides, conducting a thorough research will also help you find the latest updates about freshers’ openings 2021. 
  • Be prepared for the interview –  Be prepared to answer questions related to your field of study as well as general awareness. Most companies ask topics related to general awareness for group discussion rounds. If possible, attend mock interviews. Evaluate your performance and research possible HR interview questions.
  • Have some connections – The more connections you have, the better the chances are of getting information on job vacancies. Networking helps you get referrals and keeps you updated about the various job openings. 

You can also search and apply for the off-campus recruitment drive through third-party organizations. One such organization is CareerLabs. The organization provides a single platform called Elev8 app to search and register for off campus placements that matches with your skills. Once registered, you can apply for jobs in multiple companies as well as get updates on upcoming recruitment drives. 

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Hiring Trends in India

The demand for IT professionals has been increasing consistently over the past decade. The IT services sector is by far one of the largest employment sectors, employing around roughly 3 million people, as of 2020. According to Naukri Job speak, the hiring demand by the IT sector in June 2021 was 51 percent higher than it was in the same period in 2019 and 55 percent higher than that in January 2021. These days, most IT companies have been conducting off-campus freshers recruitment 2021. You have to be aware of the eligibility criteria and other information before sending your application for off campus drives such as which batch are they hiring for, do you need to have work experience, etc.

Below we have provided the eligibility criteria for one of the roles at Accenture — Associate Software Engineer. 

  • Full time degree in B. Tech / B.E/ M.Tech / MCA / M.Sc
  • Graduates from 2019/2020/2021 batch.
  • Should not have backlogs while applying or at the time of onboarding.
  • Should not have a gap of more than 1-year

This is the eligibility criteria for this role (Associate Software Engineer) at Accenture. Now, this information might vary from one company to another. Hence, go through the company websites before applying. Also, similarly you will find other job roles and their requirements, so make sure you have all the information before you send out your application. 

There are many  freshers off campus drive 2021 taking place currently. And, getting a job is not difficult if you plan and prepare for it way ahead of time.

Good luck!


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