Wondering how to land a job at the company you dream to work for? Whether it’s Google or the TATAs, you can get into the company you dream to work for by looking for off campus drives. But, do you know what off campus drives are? Read this article to learn more about off campus recruitment drives being conducted in India by your desired organization and how you can tap into these off campus hiring drives to increase your chances of landing a job.

What is an Off Campus Drive?

An off campus drive is a recruitment drive being conducted by the human resource department of an organization to fill in vacancies or meet the skill gap in an organization by tapping into the job market. An off campus recruitment drive is an open recruitment campaign where individuals from any institution or city can participate should they be shortlisted.

How Do You Find an Off Campus Drive Taking Place Around You?

Finding off campus drives for freshers or for experienced candidates is not very tough. A simple google search will yield results from across various job portals, showing you a list of off campus drives taking place around when you set the right filters. Hence, if you’re looking for a recruitment drive for off campus hiring, you should know precisely the location, pay scale and job role that you’re interested in. Since these are the most crucial filters needed to refine your search, conducting basic research on the job you’re interested in is quintessential.

Websites such as Glassdoor can give you great insights on the salaries and work culture of a particular company for the role you’re applying to based on the reviews and salaries posted by existing employees of that organization. Furthermore, leveraging a LinkedIn premium account to network with head hunters in the industry is a great way to learn about lateral hires being conducted for the role you’re interested in.

Now that you know how to find job vacancies for the roles you’re keen on, the next question that arises is: are there off campus recruitment drives being conducted during and after the lockdowns? To answer this question, let us dig deeper into the hiring trends of 2022 in India.

Post-Pandemic Hiring Outlook 2022

With countries all over the world implementing lockdowns and shutting down borders due the Covid 19 pandemic, businesses and hiring came to a grinding halt. However, global economies did see a V-shaped rebound in their economic activity. From stock markets to corporate revenues, business owners and the working class have seen an exponential rise in numbers and hiring to meet the demands of projects that were hit hard due to the pandemic. However, 2022 may seem to be slightly different. Here are certain trends highlighted by hiring digital insights that are being forecasted for the upcoming year ahead.

  1. Virtual hiring will prove to be a dominant aspect of recruitments
  2. The most-in demand jobs will be remote work oriented
  3. Technical skills will be dominant
  4. As reported by World Economic Forum, 84% of the employers will expand remote working
  5. According to LinkedIn’s analysis, 150 million new technology jobs will be created in the next five years

With these insights it is quite clear, although the pandemic dealt a heavy blow to organizational operations, both recruiters and job seekers will continue to adapt to change and those who don’t will find it challenging to compete in today’s fast-paced, tech-dependent economy.

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Now that we have informed you all about off campus jobs, how to leverage the internet to find the right job and provided insights on the hiring trend for 2022, you’re better positioned to start your job hunt.

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