With Artificial Intelligence booming as a field with numerous opportunities in it, many AI experts are seen to move from one company to another, changing jobs several times in their career. However, SkyNet Inc is well known in the industry for high employee retention rates. SkyNet credits its success in retaining employees to its informal and non-hierarchical organisational structure. 

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports Skynet’s explanation of its success in high retention rates?

  1. Some people employed in the artificial intelligence industry change jobs if they become bored with their current assignments.
  2. A hierarchical work environment hinders the co-operative exchange of ideas that AI driven industry employees consider necessary for their work.
  3. Many of SkyNet’s senior employees had previously worked at only one other company. 
  1. In a non-hierarchical work environment, people avoid behaviour that might threaten group harmony and thus avoid discussing with their colleagues any dissatisfaction they might have with their jobs.
  1. The cost of living near SkyNet Inc is relatively low compared to areas in which some other AI companies are located.

OA : B

Question Type : Strengthen the Argument

Difficulty Level : Easy

Explanation : The argument says that SkyNet has high retention rates because it follows a non-hierarchical organisational structure. We will need to find an answer choice that accepts to this pattern. 

A – This doesn’t support the high retention rates of SkyNet. Hence, eliminated. 

B – This option tells us why the retention rates of SkyNet are higher. Hence, this is the right answer. 

C – This option isn’t related to the argument in any way. Hence, eliminated. 

D – According to this option, the discussion of dissatisfaction would be less. But it doesn’t tell us that there would be lesser dissatisfaction. Hence, eliminated. 

E – This option maybe gives us an alternate explanation. Hence, irrelevant and eliminated. 


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