Based on a survey taken in the Agricultural Village of Muktsar, it is understood that the farmers have unanimously decided to grow cotton again the next year, just as the government of Punjab has advised them to. This decision is clearly an influence of the increased price of cotton yarn in the market.

Which of the following strengthens the following statement?

  1. The Agricultural Department of Punjab plans to increase the subsidy on cash crops including cotton. 
  2. Entire North India is under a red alert due to terrorist threats endangering millions of lives. 
  3. Alternative cash crops are evergreen and unaffected by an economic slowdown. 
  4. The government of Punjab is planning to import more cotton from Haryana, a neighboring state that shares the borders with Punjab and has remarkably good relations with the Agricultural Department of Punjab. 
  5. None of these.



  1. Strengthening statement.
  2. Terrorist threat is irrelevant to the argument.
  3. Weakening statement.
  4. This is clearly against the intentions of the government of Punjab.
  5. Eliminated.

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