Flashmart E-retail has been offering its customers financial incentives if they provide the social media handles of their friends, so that it may expand its social reach. However, offering such incentives is an unethical business practice, because it encourages people to exploit their personal relationships for profit, which risks damaging the integrity of those relationships and also because  __________

Which of the following best completes the reasoning above?

A – It would be unethical to use information that was gathered in a particular way.

B – It is unethical for people to exploit their personal relationships for profit if in doing so they risk damaging the integrity of those relationships.

C – It is unethical to encourage people to engage in behavior that could damage the integrity of their personal relationships.

D – It is an unethical business practice for a company to deliberately damage the integrity of its customers’ personal relationships in any way.

E – Providing a friend’s personal information to a company in exchange for a financial reward will almost certainly damage the integrity of one’s personal relationship with that friend.


Explanation : The argument needs to be completed with the logic that ‘it is unethical for a business to encourage people to exploit their personal relationships for profit’. We need to show why a business should not do this. 

A – ‘a particular way’ is vague and not helpful. 

B – While this seems relevant, this has no bearing on what the company does. We aren’t bothered about the ethics of the people, rather the ethics of the company. 

C – This shows the role the company plays and why it is unethical. This is the correct answer. 

D – The company isn’t deliberately damaging the integrity, but rather encouraging people to do so. 

E – This is already known and does not provide any new information.


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