The Graduate Management Admission Test is specifically designed for those who are keen on pursuing an MBA or a management degree, in India or abroad. One of the four sections of the GMAT on which you are tested is the Verbal Reasoning section.

The GMAT Verbal Reasoning section tests your ability to read and comprehend the information given to you, analyse and evaluate arguments, and rectify statements to convey a coherent concept or idea in standard written English. The Verbal Reasoning section consists of three question types — Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning. Let us take a look at each of these question types below:

Reading Comprehension: This question type comes with a passage and most questions are based on the given passage. It tests your reading skills and more specifically your ability to draw logical relations between ideas. These questions measure how well you can identify the main idea, the supporting idea, and analyse the logical structure in the given passage.

Sentence Correction: This question type tests how proficient you are in the English language. it tests your ability to identify grammatical and structural errors in a sentence. Additionally, you are also required to verify if the sentence effectively conveys a concept or an idea.

Critical Reasoning: This question type tests your ability to evaluate arguments logically. Additionally, you are to identify if an argument can be strengthened or/and whether it is flawed in any way. If it is flawed, you are required to formulate a plan of action to strengthen the argument.

As you can see, each question type within the GMAT Verbal section tests a specific skill you might possess. However, when preparing for the GMAT Verbal section, it can get rather overwhelming and confusing. An easy way to avoid any kind of confusion is to attempt practice questions. Attempting practice or sample questions will help you acquaint yourself with the various question types. It will also help you analyse where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Let us take a look at the GMAT Verbal practice questions.


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