Cargo trucks can be equipped with an accident-avoidance system that provides drivers with information about the proximity of other vehicles on the road. Because the system warns drivers to take evasive action when it indicates a possible collision, especially in low-visibility conditions and in high speed highway traffic, drivers and cargo are safer on trucks equipped with the system than on comparable trucks that are not equipped with it, even though the system frequently gives false warnings, where it warns drivers to evade even when there are no actual collision hazards on the road. 

Which one of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?

A – False warnings by the system are not caused by defects in the sensors in the system.

B – The greatest safety risk for passengers traveling in trucks is that of a high speed highway collision. 

C – The frequency of false warnings will not cause drivers routinely to disregard the system’s warnings.

D – trucks are not the only cars that can be equipped with a accident-avoidance system

E – Passengers feel no safer on trucks equipped with the system than on comparable trucks that are not equipped with it

OA : C

Explanation : The argument states that the passengers will be safer as a result of using the accident-avoidance system on trucks. The argument assumes that this plan is feasible and that there are no other factors that might influence the efficacy of the system’s success. 

A – while seeming relevant, does the negation of this weaken the argument? not really. This is not a relevant assumption. 

B – While this might bring focus to the need for better accident avoidance, it does not address the efficacy of the system. 

C – This directly addresses the efficacy of the system. If on the contrary drivers disregard the system, then the system becomes not effective at all! This is the correct answer. 

D – Not relevant to the efficacy of the system. 

E – ‘feel no safer’ is irrelevant, we need to evaluate the actual efficacy of this system. 


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