Are you looking to take up MS in Manufacturing? Wondering which universities to apply to? Look no further! We have listed a couple of top universities which offer MS in Manufacturing Engineering. Before we begin, let us understand a little about MS in Manufacturing and what it entails. 

About MS in Manufacturing 

Masters of Science in Manufacturing Engineering equips you with advanced knowledge in design and development. It also provides you an in-depth understanding of manufacturing systems, processes, tools, and equipment used in the development of manufacturing systems. It combines this knowledge with subjects like applied mathematics, computer science, and physics. Masters in Manufacturing Engineering not only educates you but also contributes to the development of national and international economies. 

Career Options with MS in Manufacturing 

Some of the career options you can pursue with a Masters in Manufacturing are as follows: 

  • Quality Manager: As a quality manager your role and responsibilities is to ensure that all the systems and equipment are top notch. You have to make sure that the systems, products and services provided by the organisation adhere to the clients expectations, keeping in mind all legalities.
  1. b)  Manufacturing Engineer: Manufacturing Engineers manage the development of new and existing systems and tools. As one, you need to cooperate with research departments in order to keep up with upcoming trends within the industry locally and internationally.
  1. c)  Production Manager: The role of a Production or Operations Manager is to overlook the quality of all the manufacturing systems and tools. If you take up a job as one, you are also required to produce reports suggesting methods to improve quality control and efficiency. In addition, you are also required to make sure all the systems are in accordance with safety guidelines.
  1. d) Manufacturing Systems Engineer: Manufacturing Systems Engineers work with a team of production managers to develop new manufacturing systems, assembly lines and help in setting up manufacturing units. As one, you also have to ensure these manufacturing systems and equipment are constantly being improved and provide solutions to any problems posed by the manufacturing units. 

Top Universities that Offer MS in Manufacturing 

Various universities all over the world offer a MS in Manufacturing Engineering. However, we will focus on universities in the US, Germany, and Canada. 

  • Top universities that offer MS in Manufacturing Engineering in Canada
University Name  World Ranking  Courses Available 
University of Toronto  18 Master in Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing 
University of British Columbia  34 Master in Engineering Leadership in Advanced Materials Manufacturing
McMaster University 69 Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering
University of  Ottawa 145 Master of Engineering Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Dalhousie University  251 Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering ,

Master of Engineering in Materials Engineering

  •  Top universities that offer MS in Manufacturing Engineering in the US: 
University Name  World Ranking  Courses Available 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing & Design 
Stanford University  3 Master in Design and Manufacturing
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 23 Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering, Dual Master of Engineering in  Manufacturing & Master in Business Administration 
University of California, Berkeley  32 Master in Mechanical Engineering 
Georgia Institute of Technology  69 Master in Manufacturing Leadership
  •  Top universities that offer MS in Manufacturing Engineering in Germany:
University Name  World Ranking Courses Available 
Technical University of Munich  50 Master in Mechanical Engineering 
RWTH Aachen University 145 Master of Science in Management & Engineering in Production Systems
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) 131 Master of Science in Production & Operations Management
Technical University of Berlin 159 Master of Science in Global Production Engineering 
Technical University of Dortmund 801-1000 Master of Science in Manufacturing Technology

We hope this comprehensive list of universities that offer MS in Manufacturing helps you make a good choice. This list of the universities in the US, Germany and Canada could help narrow your search. So get started, choose the universities you want to apply to and start your GRE exam preparation soon.

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