If you want to do well in the GRE, you need to thoroughly prepare yourself. You can enroll at a coaching center or even opt for GRE online coaching. In fact, most coaching centers are offering online coaching due to the pandemic these days. Besides, online coaching has become quite popular because of how convenient and pocket-friendly it is. Moreover, you are trained by experts one-on-one, you are given access to vast study materials, you get the opportunity to take up some free mock tests, and more. Hence, with the right online coaching for GRE, the entire preparation process can be made less complicated and more enjoyable. 

GRE online coaching can help you find your areas of weakness and work towards improving them at your own pace. Besides, online coaching centers even help you with a study plan so that your preparation process is streamlined. 

Through the course of the article, we will tell you why GRE online coaching classes are beneficial. We will also help you with a study plan so that you can get started. 

How to Choose the Best GRE Coaching?

You might come across a lot of options for GRE online coaching for free once you start searching for it. In fact, with the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the coaching centers started offering GRE online classes, which means, you can attend the coaching and prepare for the GRE from the comfort of your home. However, not all the coaching classes are capable of helping you reach your goal. Some of them only provide below-average guidance and information. Hence you have to be selective about choosing the coaching centers to get satisfying results in the GRE exam. So how do you choose the right GMAT exam course? Below are some crucial elements to look for:

  • Course Benefits – The flexibility and ease of attending classes are some of the benefits of online coaching classes. However, once you decide to go for online coaching, enquire about the additional benefits they offer. For eg., do they offer any extra mock tests, what type of study material are they offering, what’s their review system, etc. 
  • Reviews by students – Student reviews are one of the best ways to check if a coaching center is good or not. Most of the reviews you find on the web might’ve been shared by those who attended a particular course in that coaching center. Hence, go through the reviews once, or ask the students who’d attended the course to get information about the courses and other related information. 
  • Experience of faculty – When you enroll for a coaching program, try to find out the qualification and experience of instructors. You could attend their demo classes to get an idea of their teaching methods. Also, if they are someone who took the GRE exam themselves, check what their scores were, where they got admissions, etc.
  • Terms and Conditions – Before enrolling for a course, spend some time to review the terms and conditions. Check about the cancellation policies, discounts, etc. You can also check if the terms and conditions mention any money back discounts for students who do exceptionally well in the GRE exam. Some coaching centers often provide such offers to their best of best students. Hence, make sure you ask about this as well. 

Advantages of Online Coaching

Technology has truly revolutionized the way education is imparted nowadays. Quality education is no longer restricted to the privileged class. Students from even the highly remote part of the world can make use of online platforms like CareerLabs and prepare for entrance exams such as GRE. The teachers at CareerLabs through their years of experience, formulate easy and interactive techniques to make learning convenient for everyone. 

Below we have mentioned some of the benefits, which GRE online coaching provides to students.

  • Convenience

With online coaching classes you can learn at your own pace. You can watch videos at any time of the day, from any part of the world. Moreover, you can give special attention to the subjects that you are not confident about. Also, you can spend more time on your weaknesses and not have to worry about catching up with the rest of the class. Besides, online coaching ensures that you never miss a lesson as they have their classes recorded for you.

  • Flexibility

Online learning provides a lot of flexibility to you. You get to choose the place and time of learning. Moreover, before deciding on taking up a class, you can go through the GRE online coaching free content and then decide if you would like to take up the course and if yes, then which one. Besides, you can take mock tests of a difficulty level of your choice, depending upon the stage of your preparation. You need not follow any preset rigid study schedules formed by others. You will have the freedom to set your study schedule as per your requirements.

  • Saves time and energy

Online learning can save you from a lot of stress of travelling and making it on time for your classes. All you need is a phone or a laptop and start studying as and when you wish to and where you wish too. You can even just wake up in the morning and study in your PJs. This way so much of your time is saved and so is your energy for putting in any extra effort. 

  • Improves efficiency

The time you save can be used to do productive activities like yoga, meditation, etc. Doing some physical activity also increases your efficiency as you feel more relaxed because of the time you get to give yourself. Preparing for a highly competitive exam like GRE requires a lot of effort and will need you to dedicate time specifically for the same. It is therefore easy to feel stressed out when preparing for this exam for long hours. Hence, it is essential to spend some time relaxing too.

  • Ensures attention is given to every individual 

Through online preparation, you can get unwavering attention from your tutor. One-on-one classes  with your tutor makes it easy to clear all your doubts. Besides, it would be easier for the tutor to know your strengths and weaknesses and help you plan your study schedule better.

  • Interactive learning

E-learning platforms have been more effective at incorporating instructional design and sound in their teaching methods. This has in turn facilitated the entire learning process by making it more interactive. This proves to be a more efficient method of study since you do not lose interest, something likely to happen while learning from books constantly. 

  • Cost Effective

The GRE online coaching fees are pocket-friendly compared to a classroom coaching. Besides, a considerable amount of money can be saved as there are no travel expenses. Besides, online learning has ensured that students from economically weak backgrounds are not deprived of quality education. Saving money from the coaching methods will allow you to spend it on other important things like study materials, the GRE exam fee itself, etc.

  • Provides high-quality content

GRE online coaching classes provide high-quality content no matter which part of the world you are in. Your location can no longer determine the quality of education you receive. This is because the same teachers will deliver the lessons to students who are present across all geographic locations. At Career Labs, strenuous quality checks are conducted to ensure that the quality of the end product is world-class.

Considering the hectic schedules that people have, online education is the best bet. You get to choose the time and place of your learning. 

Along with the right coaching, it is very important to come up with the right study plan as well. We have created one for you, just to get you started. 

Step 1: Mock test

You can attempt a GRE mock test initially before you begin your preparation. This can prove to be extremely beneficial. There are certain subjects which you would already be good at and likewise certain subjects where you will need to work more on. In case you do not know your weak areas, mock tests will help you immensely to identify them. Once you identify this, then, you can work on areas that you are weak and keep improving in sections that are your strengths. Mock tests will also help you to determine how much time you spend answering each question. 

Step 2: Learn new methods

There is always something new to learn, especially when you are not getting the desired results. Learn new methods of solving questions, then try to apply those methods to the questions that you solve. They will help you to solve the questions faster. The time that you save through the application of these methods, can be used to work out on some more difficult questions. Since you will have limited time to answer questions in each section, it is crucial that you save time while solving easier questions.

Step 3: Different approach

If your current approach towards solving questions is not giving you the required results or you are unable to solve them, then it is recommended that you alter your approach. You could learn different ways to approach the same questions. Learn to demarcate between the information which is essential for problem-solving and the redundant information. Another important tactic to use is to list down all the important details. This will ensure that you don’t go back to the question repeatedly.

Step 4: Build on the concepts

Build upon your conceptual knowledge by practicing some challenging questions. These questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge which you have learnt so far. Suppose you face difficulty in tackling questions related to sentence correction. Then it is necessary to brush up on the grammar rules. Moreover, you will have to practice Sentence Correction questions twice the amount of time you spend on everything else, weekly. 

Step 5: Execute and Evaluate

Attempt mock tests regularly towards the last stages of your preparation. All that you have learnt will be put to test during this period. Whenever you come across a different type of question, make note of it. Take an online test series from CareerLabs, one of the best GRE online coaching in Bangalore  to get a comprehensive assessment of your tests. Make sure that you devote more time to subjects that you are not confident about. All in all, stay relaxed as the exam day approaches. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for the GRE 

You must keep in mind the points mentioned below, to get the best results:

  • Stick to the plan

Give more time to the topics that hold higher weightage in the exam. There will be days when you will not get the desired output, but stick to your schedule, whether it is a daily study plan, weekly or monthly. Fix the number of hours you wish to devote to each subject in a day, week or month and study accordingly. This also makes sure that you don’t miss out on any important topics in the GRE syllabus while preparing.

  • Set realistic goals

This rule applies to your GRE preparation as well. It is very important that you do not set any unrealistic goals. If you are a working professional, you might have a limited amount of time to practice every day. So don’t set up 3 hours rather bring it down to one hour. Weekends are when you can stretch the time but remember learning every day is more helpful rather than learning everything in one day. Also, to retain what you have learnt, practice questions related to those concepts. 

  • Rejuvenate yourself

While following a strict routine, it is very important to find time for things that truly make you happy. Do some yoga, meditation or any other form of physical activity to stay in an active frame of mind. Make sure you rest properly and get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep. Doing so will help increase your overall efficiency and you will be able to focus better.

  • Stay motivated

During the preparation time, you might feel tired and unmotivated due to the pressure of preparing for long hours. However, it is important to keep yourself motivated throughout the entire process and work with the end goal in mind. Talk to people who care for you, if something is bothering you, share or discuss with them. Make sure to take breaks and do the things you love too. 

We hope now you have a clear understanding how GRE online coaching can help you with your preparations. Getting a good score in the GRE is not easy. But, good coaching can help you achieve it. You can enrol with coaching centres like  CareerLabs, and train under highly experienced faculty members. So, start your preparations! Good luck. 

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GRE Online Coaching: Practice Quiz

Here is a practice quiz for you to attempt!

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All renowned speakers use suspense to _______, not to mystify human behaviour.

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If “a” and “b” are positive integers, and sum of LCM and HCF of a and b is 270, and LCM of a and b is 8 times the HCF of a and b. If the value of a is 30, then what is the value of b?

3 / 3

Last year a record number of new teaching jobs were created. Will this year bring another record? Well, a new teaching job is created either within an existing university or by the founding of a new university. Within existing universities, new jobs have been created this year at well below last year’s record pace. At the same time, there is considerable evidence that the number of new universities that will be founded this year will be no higher this year than it was last year, and surely the new Universities that will be founded this year will create no more teaching jobs per university than did last year’s universities. Clearly, it can be concluded that the number of new teaching jobs created this year will fall short of last year’s record.

In the argument given, the two portions in boldface play which of the following roles?

Your score is

The average score is 30%


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1. How long should I attend GRE online classes to get a good score?

There is no fixed time for GRE coaching as such. You can select a course  as per your needs and the time available to study. However, when you choose a course, make sure that you have ample time to study and practice before the exam date.

2. Is GRE online coaching expensive? 

No. The fees for online coaching classes vary based on the duration and structure of the course. You can choose a course that fits your needs and budget.

3. Can I get one-on-one classes in online coaching?

Yes. Most coaching centers include one-on-one classes for the students. However, check with the coaching center once to make sure your course has this option included in it. 


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