Whether you are applying for masters or PhD abroad, a good academic and GRE score increases your selection chances. Besides, it’s also imperative that you understand the GRE CGPA conversion process to know how your CGPA is compared to the scores of other applicants who have applied for the same course in the same university. Through this article, we will help you understand the GRE CGPA conversion process and provide some examples for the same.

CGPA Conversion Process

​​GPA and CGPA are commonly encountered terms while applying for admissions. Most institutes require candidates to submit their grades on a 10 point scale and some others will require it on a 4 point scale.  CGPA is the acronym for Cumulative Grade Point Average that measures your performance in academics. It is the cumulative average of all grade points you received for all the subjects. The grade point system differs from university to university. 

Most universities in the US use a 4 point GPA scale system that ranges from 0-4, which means, the maximum attainable grade point for a student is 4. Likewise, the Indian colleges use either a 10 point scale or simply the percentage grading system. However, before applying for a course abroad, you have to know how the universities you wish to apply for calculate the CGPA. For this, you have to consider the following factors:

  • The university’s admission trends for the previous years
  • Academic scores or grades of the students who were admitted to the university
  • A thorough knowledge about how the university will check your CGPA

The following table is a rough estimate of what your possible GPA would be under the 4 point grading system and the 10 point scale on the basis of the grades you have received.

US GradeGrade Point equivalent (4 point scale)Grade point equivalent (10 point scale)
F0 – 1.3<5.0
D1.675.0 – 5.4
D+25.5 – 5.9
C+2.676.5 – 6.9
B37.0 – 7.4
B+3.337.5 – 7.9

Some schools provide their own conversion table so that it’s easier for you to compare your scores. For eg: Given below is a conversion table from the school of Columbia to help convert percentage to GPA.

Grade PointPercentage
1.0Below 60

However, certain colleges don’t have any specified scale/conversion chart. We recommend you to use the following chart to help with the conversion of GPA to percentage and vice versa.

PercentageUS Grade EquivalentClassification10 point CGPAEquivalent GPA
60-100AFirst Class/ Distinction6-104
50-59B+Second Class5-63.5

Most colleges around the world accept your score on a 10 point scale. However, some might ask you to convert the score to that specific college’s scale. There are several official services that helps you do that such as:

  • WES (World Education Services), is an organization that undertakes the GRE CGPA conversion process for you, and converts it to the scale that is prescribed for it. The website has a WES iGPA calculator that converts your score into CGPA within minutes, however, with a fee. The WES also offers you free online evaluation of your scores, that will help you choose the universities accordingly.

 Here is a conversion chart that is given by WES for your reference:

ScaleU.S. Grade EquivalentEquivalent GPA
  • National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) is an association of agencies and organizations that provide such credential evaluation services.  

The information in this article will assist you to check how good your chances are for the selection. You can refer to the GRE CGPA example tables and calculate a rough estimate based on that. Additionally, you can also use CGPA to percentage calculators available from credible sources on the internet to help with your CGPA to percentage and CGPA to GPA conversion process. However, keep in mind that GPA is not the only criterion for selection to the top colleges. A good profile can also help you get through the admission process even if your GPA’s are not extraordinary. Hence, do your research, and start your preparations to land a spot in your dream college!


  1. How is GRE CGPA calculated?

The GRE CGPA calculation is done on the basis of several conversion processes. You have many GRE CGPA conversion tables available online to help determine your score. Also, there are several services available online like WES and NACES that can help you.

  1. How much CGPA is required for GRE?

There is no predetermined CGPA requirement for attempting the GRE. However, for gaining admission into a university of your choice, you will need to have a good CGPA and academic profile. We advise a CGPA of 7.5 and above that may be a competitive score during the admissions process. Both your CGPA and GRE scores play a vital role in determining if you will get admissions in the university of your preference.

  1. Is 3.4 a good GPA for a Masters degree?

This depends on the college you are applying to. Generally, a 3.4 GPA is considered to be good for a Master’s program admission. However, there are certain colleges and programs that require higher GPA since the admissions and programs are more competitive in comparison to other colleges. It is recommended that you do adequate research and find out the GPA requirement of different universities you are applying to.


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