MBA in Germany without Work Experience

MBA in Germany without Work Experience

MBA programs in Germany attract a significant volume of international aspirants from across the world. Noteworthy industrial interface, excellent universities, and world-class facilities are among the multiple factors that make the country an excellent study destination.

Add to that the low tuition fees in Germany, and you have a winner in your hands. Though the public universities in Germany charge no tuition fees for their bachelor programs, the special master’s programs are usually chargeable, and MBA happens to be one of them.

Are you worried that you will not get the opportunity to study for an MBA in Germany because of having no work experience? Then you are mistaken. Pursuing an MBA in Germany public university is certainly rewarding and possible without work experience.Read on to know the facts!

Can You Study MBA in Germany without Work Experience?

German universities are mainly of two types, namely, private and public. All MBA Programs in the nation have varied eligibility criteria. You can pursue an MBA in the country without any work experience, unlike several other countries where work experience is a must for MBA degrees. 

The fact is that German universities aren’t regulated by any central body. So, the requirements for an MBA degree vary from one university to another. Thus, there is no reason to give up on your GMAT Prep as of yet!

General Eligibility Criteria for MBA Degrees in Germany

Though different programs and universities have different eligibility criteria for MBA degrees, there are a few common criteria that are followed by every university. Here is a list of the general eligibility criteria for MBA degrees in Germany.

  • A bachelor’s degree equivalent to the German bachelor’s degree in the relevant subjects, whether it’s a four, three, or one years’ master’s degree.
  • A valid score in GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS/GRE (all the more reason to keep up your GMAT prep!)
  • Basic fluency in the German language: though most universities offer the program in English, a certain level of proficiency in the language is a prerequisite
  • A minimum of sixty percent aggregate score and a good academic score is necessary.
  • Several institutes conduct entrance exams to determine the suitability of the candidate for an MBA program.

Colleges in Germany to Offer MBA Degrees without Work Experience

Though prior experience is a positive point for studying MBA in Germany, it is not a necessity. With that being said, a couple of MBA colleges are in the country that accepts students without any work experience.

Given below is a list of the best universities in the country for MBA programs without work experience:

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  • University of Kiel
  • University of Tubingen
  • University of Ulm

Overview of the Top Universities Offering MBA with No Work Experience

In order to ease out your GMAT prep and future course of studies, here’s giving you a brief overview of the top five universities offering MBAs with no work experience.

1. Technical University of Munich

The School of Management of the Technical University of Munich offers a research and teaching program at the intersection of natural life and science, management, and engineering.

It has a world ranking of sixty-one, so getting enrolled in one of the top hundred MBA universities in the world would definitely be great for your career. The university offers several MBA programs that you can consider in this regard.

2. Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich offers high-quality MBA programs. The faculty is top-notch in the areas of accounting, insurance, finance, and marketing. The post-graduate MBR (Master of Business Research) program is an important prerequisite for doctoral candidates, and it has a significant emphasis on several aspects of quality research.

The students attending the MBA course are taught the methodological foundation for quality management research. Additionally, the programs equip the researchers with crucial transferable skills for an academic career.

3. University of Kiel

Your GMAT prep is crucial for getting through to the University of Kiel. The program’s objectives and goals reflect a focus on the interpretation of business data, practice-based creation, and critical thinking.

Furthermore, the program has been uniquely made for intertwining the traditional MBA curriculum with soft skills that can cover the human aspects of management. Management is an arena that brings together the professional and human aspects of the sector, and KU programs focus on that.

4. University of Tubingen

If you would like to pursue an MBA in Germany without GMAT then the University of Tubingen must be on your list. The MBA program at this university doesn’t require either GRE or GMAT scores. The University of Tubingen prepares future business leaders for the challenges of doing business. It provides a unique prospect for motivated students to gain experience regarding an exciting course of study that seamlessly blends cultural learning and academic aspects.

The School of Business and Economics prepares the students for a successful future in one of the fastest developing economies of the world.

5. University of Ulm

The unique fact about the program at the University of Ulm is that it takes an interdisciplinary approach to education by focusing on mathematical finance. The program highlights vital aspects of courses from insurance, finance, and applied mathematics to offer a holistic management approach. The university offers MBA classes both at its own campus and at Shue Yan during winter and summer sessions.

Summing Up

And that’s all you need to know about studying for an MBA in Germany without work experience. You can come to CareerLabs for any guidance regarding GMAT prep and MBA programs. Start preparing from today so that you can get through to any of the five universities mentioned above.

One thing is for sure: a bright future awaits you after earning an MBA degree from Germany!

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