MBA programs are the most sought-after professional degree programs globally. It is no surprise then that the most recent reports indicate that there are more than 2500 MBA programs being offered by universities across the globe. 

But choosing an MBA course from a top-ranking university while keeping factors such as aptitude, skill set, entrepreneurship, alumni outcomes, trailblazers and return of investments in mind is not an easy task. 

Students and working professionals also have to keep in mind that they choose a program that is not only professionally rewarding but is also financially beneficial to them in the long run. 

In that vein, let’s look at some of the prevailing MBA programs offering ROIs that are of significant value to its scholars. 

INSEAD (institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires)

It is no secret that the highest salaries offered to MBA postgraduates go to alumni of universities in Europe and the United Kingdom. 

Not only that, these business schools come with low-investments (that are upfront), with most programs lasting only a year. This means that students can pay off their loans faster since they aren’t going to be out of a job for a long period of time. 

One such university is INSEAD. MBA graduates from this university receive the highest salary as per 2021 university rankings. The salary amounts to a whopping $188,432 a year. 

HEC Paris (École des hautes études commerciales de Paris)

The HEC Paris is a close second, with MBA graduates from the university receiving salaries amounting to a staggering  $168,436 a year. 

Of the 250 students graduating from HEC Paris, every year, 30% of them are women. Records reveal that 70% of the graduates from the university receive a hike in their salaries. The course lasts for a period of 15 to 18 months. Some of the requirements of admission include being ready with the following:

  • GMAT prep
  • Attempting the GRE test or a similar test given by the university itself
  • Get prepped for the interview
  • The student must have at least 8 years of work experience. 

Warrington College of Business

When it comes to top-ranking universities in the United States in terms of ROI, the University of Florida’s business school certainly cuts the cake. The Financial Times (FT) ranks the business school right at the top in terms of its value for money. 

Here’s a break-up of Warrington’s MBA program, tuition fees:

  1. Resident tuition fees for two years – $26,473
  2. Non-resident tuition fees – $61,260

The above fee break-up is several degrees below the average fees one would find in top-ranking universities in the United States. Students receive an enormous salary package (one of the highest in the US) just 3 years after they complete their graduation. Add to that, their salaries average up to $128,375 a year. 

ESADE Business School 

ESADE falls in third place when it comes to graduate programs with the highest ROI. The university charges a meagre 76,830 US dollars as part of its tuition fees. International students in ESADE amount to an average of 95, which is a promising number. 

Some of the course specifications and details include:

  • The program lasts for about 18 months. 
  • International exchanges for up to for months are available (for students who wish to study in other continents)
  • Special focus is afforded to international students. 
  • The course is mainly taught in English but is also available in other international languages such as French, Spanish and German.

WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management

The WHU is another European institution that allows students to graduate within 12 months of signing up for its MBA program

Aside from being considerate about the duration of the course, the university boasts of a stunning 90% of its scholars getting high-paying jobs within three months of them graduating. Their average salaries amount to a whopping 150,000 US dollars. 

Some of the course’s finer details include:

  • Incorporating core modules
  • The introduction of elective modules in order to accommodate students in the US, India, and China 
  • A final MBA project
  • A module focused on leadership development

IESE Business School

A highly reputed university in Barcelona, the IESE Business School allows scholars to graduate within 15 to 19 months of beginning the MBA course. When it comes to business schools ranking high in ROI, IESE is in the top ten (second highest in Europe). 

Students graduating from the university get salary hikes of up to 125%, with many of them earning an average of $123,662 just three months after completing the course. Other numbers include 94% of graduating students getting placements within a few minutes of graduating, while 10% of them even started their own businesses. 

Wrapping Up

As is evident throughout this list, the opportunities afforded to international students are endless. 

Through careful study, research and exam preparation, there is little that can stop Indian students and working professionals from landing their dream MBA program and subsequent job. 

There are plenty of universities out there that are able to provide students with top-tier business courses while also keeping in mind affordability, the payment of student loans and how much of an effect it will all have in the job roles they decide to take up. You can also check out sites like CareerLabs to further boost your chances of making it into the top colleges.


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