MBA programs can be highly rewarding, offering you a brilliant qualification along with career security. It is one of the most popular options for graduates who want to pursue higher education. MBA programs can help you get a better job, a salary increase and teach you a lot about business administration. However, with the current uncertain times, should you be pursuing your MBA, even with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

While it may be difficult for you to get to class with social restrictions and many public places being closed down, it is still a good idea to pursue your studies online or remotely. This will ensure that you are not held back even with the COVID-19 pandemic causing fears of infections. 

With the growing uncertainty, it is not completely unreasonable for students like yourself to be wondering if pursuing an MBA program is a good idea or not. With the quickly changing landscape for industries around the world, there is plenty of cause of concern among students. They want to believe that their hard work will pay off and that they will be rewarded with fruitful careers in return for their hard work.

It can be easy to let the current uncertainty and negativity surrounding the pandemic bring you down; we urge you to stay strong and committed to your dreams.

Thinking Long Term

Things might not be ideal right now for MBA programs or GMAT prep, but that does not mean that it will always remain the same. Even though it might seem like the COVID-19 pandemic has caused irreparable damage to the economy and the job market, there is hope yet. This is not the first major crisis to hit the world and likely will not be the last.

In recent times, we have experienced wars, famines, viruses, conflict and other natural disasters. However, throughout adversity, one thing is common – we come out on top in the end.

“But how does this relate to the current situation?”

Thinking long term will help you realize that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to pass as the world moves to develop a vaccine to combat the killer virus. Eventually, countries around the world will be able to roll-out the vaccine to the entire population, largely disabling the COVID-19 virus from causing harm to the population.

Once this has happened, it is more likely than not that the entire world will return to normal. The only difference is, this time, you will have a certificate from one of the MBA programs that you always wanted because you stayed brave during times of adversity.

Considering Online Programs

Even though it might not be safe to go outside and study in a classroom with other students, you can still pursue one of the MBA Programs online through the internet. The remote study is becoming more common than ever before, with students wanting to stay safe through these trying times.

“Why is that?” you ask.

The answer is simple.

  • Online programs are a great option because they allow you to transcend borders and get the qualification you desire even if you are not physically located in a particular country. Today, with the use of the internet more prevalent than ever before, a geographical boundary is not a reason to separate a person and their dreams.
  • Even if you decide not to physically attend classes because that might be too dangerous, you can still pursue your dreams by studying your MBA program online! This will ensure that you can stay safe and still get the qualification that could lead you to your dream job.

Employers, too, have become much more accepting of online degrees, as they believe they could show dedication and the ability to manage their own responsibilities well without the help of a faculty member. All these changes directly point to why you should consider completing your dream MBA program online. In many cases, the certificate you receive is identical, and you will still be able to serve the same value from online classes.

Keeping Your Dreams In Mind

The COVID-19 pandemic might be only temporary, but your dreams of completing one of the prestigious MBA programs or your GMAT prep, however, are not. Do not let the current COVID-19 pandemic be the reason that you do not study your MBA program.

The reason for this is simple – your MBA program may long outlast the pandemic. In which case, you will be happy that you went ahead and pursued your dreams, despite the current adversity and uncertainty.

The Silver Lining

Remember, every cloud has a silver lining! While there is plenty of negativity surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is always a reason to smile among the difficulty.

Since the pandemic started, there has been a drop in the number of overall enrollments and students attending schools. This means that you will now face less competition when you pursue your MBA program.

Avoid falling victim to the fear, uncertainty and doubt that the current COVID-19 pandemic is shrouded in. Instead, be brave and enrol yourself in your dream program; your future self will thank you for it!

Key Takeaway

Yes, you should still consider pursuing your MBA program or GMAT prep despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. There is plenty of reason to stay committed to your dreams of completing your MBA, even amid all of the uncertainty.Even if you cannot attend a class in person, it is still a smart idea to complete your MBA program online where you do not risk getting infected or making anybody else sick with the virus. Instead, you can continue to learn new skills and get qualified for higher job roles while staying safe remotely. If you want to further deepen your knowledge and research regarding MBA, then check out CareerLabs.


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