Whether it’s a student visa, a college/university for an MBA degree or a job interview, any of these can be nerve-wracking. More so, if you go unprepared. So when you know an interview is going to decide your future, preparation is key. Now are you wondering how to prepare for an interview? Through the course of this article, we will tell you how to go about preparing for an interview. So keep reading!

Tips to Prepare for an Interview: 
  1. Keep Required Documents Ready: The day before your scheduled interview, pack all required documents. From your CV or resume to your educational qualification certificates, and more. Depending on whichever interview you are going to give — visa, job or college — keep all your documents ready accordingly in a file. Make sure you categorize them so that in case you are asked to show any, you won’t have to search through. 
  2. Prepare your Answers Well and Be Confident and Honest: Whether you are being interviewed by a member of the admissions committee or an employer, always be confident and honest. Most importantly, prepare all your answers beforehand. This doesn’t mean you have to mug up answers, it means that you should have a clear idea of what you are looking for, what you want to do, what you want to achieve, etc. — whether it’s going abroad to study or taking up a job in India or elsewhere. Also, you can do some research on common questions asked and plan on how to answer them, keeping your goals in mind. Your answers should be honest and you should be able to answer the questions asked without hesitation. Besides, it’s okay to take a few seconds to think and answer, however, ensure you don’t use too many filler words like hmms…umm…etc.
  3. Be Punctual: Never be late for an interview as it’s going to leave a bad impression on the interviewer.  Always strive to arrive about 30 minutes before your scheduled interview to complete any paperwork and give yourself time to settle down. In case you are late due to some major reason, state the reason and do apologize. 
  4. Make a Good First Impression: The first impression you make on your interviewer is imperative. The way you walk into the interview room and the manner in which you are dressed before you start speaking says a lot about your personality. Hence, make sure you choose a smart formal outfit and most importantly, wear a confident smile when you walk into the room where the interview is being conducted. If you are giving an interview online for the MBA degree admissions, make sure to dress well even then and maintain eye-contact with the interviewer. 
  5. Keep a Positive Attitude: Nothing will go right if you are too full of negative thoughts, so keep calm and have a positive outlook.  It’s okay to be nervous but overthinking could ruin everything that you have worked hard for, hence, think positive. You have worked hard, let not negativity take that away from you. 
  6. Maintain an Assertive Posture: Your body language can speak a lot about you, hence, it’s essential you have an assertive posture — sit up straight, smile and maintain eye-contact with the interviewer— during the interview. Do not look everywhere around the room, fidget with your fingers, wriggle in your seat, fiddle with your hair, etc. Doing so just shows how distracted, uninterested and nervous you are.
  7. Ensure Your Internet Connection is Good and  Backups are Ready (For Online Interviews): If your interview is going to take place through channels such as Google Meet or Skype, ensure that your internet connection is up and running. You or the interviewer wouldn’t want any sort of interruptions. Moreover, make sure to have a backup laptop, phone, internet connection (data card) all in place in case of any unfortunate situation, if it may arise. 

We hope now you know how to prepare for an interview after reading these points that we have mentioned. Any interview you appear for needs a thorough preparation beforehand, without which there is always a chance to miss out on big opportunities. As Audrey Hepburn puts it, “Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them”.       

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