Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after postgraduate courses among students and working professionals. However, as the domain of business is constantly diversifying, careers in the business field are evolving too. Hence, to stand out in the competitive market, you need to choose an MBA specialization that will help you build industry expertise in the domain of your choice. If you are still wondering which specialization to choose, we’ve collated a list of the best MBA specializations in demand for you. Keep reading!

Top MBA Specialisations that are in High Demand

Choosing an MBA specialization can be confusing, especially when you have a plethora of options to choose from. While the scope of the course, your interest and the domain play an essential role in deciding on an MBA specialization that is apt for you, you must also consider the demand of your choice in the present business world. To ensure you are aware of your options, here’s a list of the six MBA specializations that can accelerate your career trajectory.

  1. Environmental Management: An MBA in Environmental Management is a great choice if you wish to take up a managerial position that involves business operations as well as environmental research. The course curriculum often includes operations management, environmental risk management, environmental policies, and environmental economics among other business-related subjects. In other words, this course will teach you how business operations may affect the environment or environmental laws, and how you can minimize those effects by improving the operations.
  1. Healthcare Administration: If you are looking to get into the healthcare field, this is the best choice for you. Apart from the general business subjects, the curriculum of MBA in Healthcare Administration programs covers healthcare business-related topics such as financial management of healthcare institutions, health economics, and health entrepreneurship. Also, with a specialization in Healthcare Administration, you can easily get non-clinical healthcare jobs such as — health services administrator, healthcare consultant, healthcare HR administrator, etc.
  1. Technology Management: In this age of digital rage, top business firms are looking for technologically advanced and skilled people. Most of the MBA programs with Technology Management specialization provides you an opportunity to advance your knowledge across multiple technologies and helps you adapt to the evolving digital innovation. The course curriculum consists of general business as well as pure technical subjects such as Technology and the Law, Web technologies, Systems analysis, and Technology in the Business Environment among others. With an MBA degree in Technology Management, you can grab some high-in-demand job roles such as Project Managers, Business Analysts or Digital Marketing Managers.
  1. Energy and Natural Resources: An MBA in Energy and Natural Resources covers a wide range of topics ranging from energy finance to sustainability standards — its application, analysis and reporting. The job opportunities you’ll get with this specialization is boundless and highly lucrative. Once you complete this course, you can easily find managerial, directorial, or analyst positions in the energy and resource sectors.
  1. Information System: Unlike the common MBA IT courses, this specialization focuses on teaching you how you can incorporate information systems to accomplish organizational goals. MBA Information system course curriculum includes technical subjects like Database Management, Software Project Management, Telecommunications, etc. as well as the general MBA subjects. Post the completion of this course, you can apply for job profiles like Information System Analyst, Assistant Manager, Information Systems Coordinator or any other jobs that require expertise in information systems.
  1. Media Management: MBA in Media Management makes you capable of handling strategic leadership roles in large media organizations as well as innovative media companies, and digital marketing firms. Apart from the general business topics, the course curriculum also includes subjects related to media management such as HR Management, Marketing Management Production – Television and Radio etc. From starting your career as a TV producer or video editor to working as a media analyst, there are plenty of career profiles you can choose from with this specialization.

Apart from the above-mentioned specialisations, you have plenty of other options to choose from such as Marketing, Human Resources Operations Management, Finance, Supply Chain Management, etc. However, before taking a decision, do a thorough research on all the MBA specialisations and see if it interests you. Check if the specialisation you choose can upgrade your profile and land you in a higher managerial position in future.


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