Practice is the key to the desired results. It includes any major exam – and GMAT is no exception. Nervousness and stress can come naturally to a person during such an exam which determines the entry into a business school.

Finding time for GMAT prep can be a daunting and strenuous task. A person should stay calm and focused at such a crucial hour and plan a way out. Thus, the way out in such a situation is by making a study plan.

Sometimes, it is easy to become an aspirant, but even easier to fall into the pit as a victim during the GMAT prep, if not scheduled well. So, here are some tips for GMAT aspirants that will help with their exam preparation.

Make a Schedule

It is one of the most underrated aspects of the process of GMAT prep. Going ahead with the preparation is not as easy as it looks. Setting targets to achieve will turn out to be a wise decision.

A person should strive to be well ahead of his or her schedule. It will give a clear picture of the time to be allotted, focusing on strengthening the weaker subject matter and buying extra time for extra preparation.

Estimate Time for the Prep 

It might leave people wondering that; if it is a three months set plan, why move to specifics and make way for a further breakdown? Allotting a realistic amount of time for studies every week is essential. Do not promise more than can be delivered.

Not just a week, but make sure the session lengths can suffice the target that was fixed for the day. With busy schedules with work and college, it is important to manage and give time to every important facet. Start with a minimal time limit and increase gradually.

Monitor the Progress

Studying is not enough, but monitoring the progress on where a person stands in the journey is crucial. If the progress is 1% per hour spent on the course, he/she is on the right track. But if 0.5% per hour spent, additional hours should be put in.

Being too quick or slow has its consequences. Only when a person monitors their performance time and again it will give clarity about their performance and where could they improve. Giving it sufficient time, effort, and monitoring can do wonders.

Explore Prep Methods and Tools

One method that works for a certain person doesn’t necessarily mean to work for another. Deciding to self-study can sometimes backfire; it is better to explore options. He/she should look out for GMAT books along with GMAT prep courses and forums to make informed decisions. 

Signing up for a tutor can do a great deal. They might understand what truly makes the test hard and guide you and overcome the difficulty. Using professional help will make the process much more efficient.

Take Up Mock Tests

It has to be at the last leg of the plan. After rigorous subject preparation, it is time to take up GMAT mock tests. But they are valuable only if a person takes lessons from the results and works on them. Otherwise, several mock tests can be taken up; without any significant improvement.

A person should try taking the mock test every week to understand where they stand. Make sure to get back to the weakened part and revise all the applications and concepts for better results. Replicating the process until the test can close doors to repeat the same mistake and open gates to the longed outcome.


GMAT prep is challenging. Nothing comes easy in life. It is all the blood, sweat and tears that the person puts in to achieve what they wish. Thus, it is all in the mind. With the right kind of preparation and planning, a person working or studying can put in great efforts and climb the ladder of success. Check out sites like CareerLabs to find out more.


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