If you want to see how well acquainted you are with the GMAT questions, then it’s always better to start off with some mock tests or quizzes. So, take this short GMAT quiz to test your knowledge.

 In this article we will help you get acquainted with the different sections on the GMAT as well as provide you with real questions which have previously been asked on the exam. You can understand the score range which you are likely to achieve by attempting the short GMAT Quiz below.

The GMAT exam consists of 4 main sections : 

Analytical Writing – The Analytical Writing assessment evaluates your ability to critically Analyse an argument and put forth your ideas in a planned and coherent manner. You will be provided with an argument and given a total of 30 minutes to write the essay. You could practice with GMAT official AWA practice essay writing tool to help improve your writing skills in the AWA section.

Verbal Reasoning – The Verbal Reasoning section analyses your verbal competencies of reading, writing and finding errors in the given sentences. It aims at testing your vocabulary knowledge and your overall aptitude in the English language. There are 3 main types of questions you will be asked in this section – Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning.

Quantitative Reasoning – The Quant reasoning section aims at testing your knowledge in basic high school-level mathematical concepts. Additionally it also checks your ability in analysing data to arrive at conclusions. The types of questions you will encounter in this section are – Problem solving and Data sufficiency.

Integrated Reasoning  – In the IR section you will be presented with data in multiple formats like – graphs, charts, tabular columns etc. You will have to analyse the same and arrive at an appropriate conclusion based on the data provided. The four different question types you will face in this section are – Table Analysis, Graphical Interpretation, Multi source reasoning and Two part analysis.

Now that you are familiar with the sections of the GMAT exam you can attempt our GMAT quiz to test your knowledge. There are several advantages which the GMAT quiz provides like helping you understand the structure of the GMAT exam, assisting you with learning time management strategies and also ensuring that you grasp the various difficulty levels of the questions which are asked on the GMAT.

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A) Verbal Reasoning - Sentence Correction


During the late-1950’s, since fishes were overcome by mercury poisoning, and regularly dying in the sea at Minamata bay, this provoked the government in Japan to design a proposition that moderated industrial waste.

B) Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning 


Masai Mara national park has had an active feeding program for the hyenas for a long time. Many hyenas get as much as half of their daily food requirement each day from the meat and other nourishments that the national park authorities provide. However, the life expectancy of national park hyenas has become considerably less than that of wild hyenas.

Which of the following, if true, most helps to explain this discrepancy?

C) Algebra - Equations and Word Problems

On Monday, a tank was half empty and it was filled by a pipe. On Thursday, the tank was 3/4th empty and it was filled by the same pipe. If a total of 24 litres was dispensed by the pipe, then what is the capacity of the tank?

D) Problem Solving

For a quiz competition, a team has to be formed such that 3 students are there in the team. If a co-ordinator can form 56 such different teams from “n” students then what is the value of “n”?

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