There comes a point in your life when you are faced with a dilemma about what the next step should be in your career. It is quite understandable that all of you look to improve your career graph by leaps and bounds. And, an MBA degree would certainly help in this regard. Pursuing an MBA is no simple feat since there are many factors involved, right from choosing which exam to attempt, which specialization to choose, where to study, what the job opportunities you have etc. There are two sides to every coin, and of course, choosing to do an MBA is no exception to this rule. However, you must weigh the pros and cons before you make an informed decision on whether to do an MBA. In this article, we will discuss in detail a few of the reasons why MBA is a degree to pursue. 

Who Should Look For An MBA?

An MBA degree equips you to be a well-rounded professional who is capable of handling a managerial position in a company. People with an MBA degree also go on to become entrepreneurs. Another major advantage with pursuing an MBA is that you have the option to switch fields if you desire to do so. Besides, there is no age limit, you can choose to do one irrespective of your age. You can also choose between a full-time MBA, Executive MBA, or you could choose to do a long distance MBA program as well.

Why Should You Pursue an MBA?

These days everyone is intrigued by the idea of an MBA, but you must analyze things for yourself from a career perspective. Why do you need an MBA? If you can relate with any three of the points mentioned below, then you must seriously consider getting an MBA degree.

  • Improves your knowledge – Doing an MBA program not only teaches you about management concepts but it also helps you to inculcate qualities like Leadership, Decision Making, and be exceptionally good in Finance, and Marketing. Many traits of successful managers are due to the strong foundation they obtain during their course of study. You acquire a few invaluable attributes like – understanding how your company is doing in the market, making sure to hire the right set of people for the job, devising an effective hierarchy and knowing when to take critical decisions, among other things.
  • Helps build an extensive network – Not to be taken literally, building a network does not mean only expanding your contacts list. You may come across hundreds of individuals during your period of studying. Professors, students, mentors, etc., each of them will certainly contribute to your journey in some way or the other. 

However, once you complete your degree, you become a part of an elite group of alumni of your university. Thousands of students who have passed out before you are also a part of the same group. This opens up many doors of opportunities for you in the form of jobs, internships etc. You can make extensive use of your university’s alumni network to talk to individuals who have previously studied at your college.

  • Provides remarkable career opportunities and a chance to switch careers – Many of you are stuck in a field you no longer are interested in. You may have studied Computer Science Engineering and ended up with a software job when your actual passion lies in Finance or Marketing or even Human Resources. Although you may usually not get a chance to make a switch in your career in such an abrupt manner, you can do so while selecting the stream you want to do your MBA degree in. You are given an option to select any specialization which interests you and make the switch in a smooth manner. 

An MBA degree is certainly an accomplishment for any individual and it is even more useful when you complete the degree from a renowned university. This instantly paves the way for you to access great career opportunities at prestigious firms. You will be offered mid to high-level managerial roles and you will receive lucrative offers as well. The companies hiring you will be well aware of your credibility since you have managed to successfully navigate the GMAT entrance exams, the laborious application process (SOP, LORs), and also secured admission to a top B-schools and completed your degree. Recruiters will not hesitate to hire you if you have such impressive credentials. They would have no second thoughts regarding your competencies and skills.

  • Helps in self development – When you choose to do an MBA you automatically begin the process of improving your knowledge and overall development as an individual. There are many advantages that an MBA offers you, not only in the form of a great career but also the opportunity to hone your leadership, communication and presentation skills. When you become an MBA graduate you will start facing many challenges on a day to day basis and therefore you require the necessary expertise to handle the same with a cool head. 
  • Provides a chance to explore new cultures and places – Pursuing an MBA degree at locations far away from home gives you an opportunity to experience many different and diverse cultures. You will have a firsthand perspective on interacting with individuals from various backgrounds. You may also have a chance to meet and interact with your future managers and executives if you decide to do an internship. Moreover, you get to explore places, food, music and a lot more of various cultures. 
  • Assures flexibility in entrepreneurship choices – Many of you want to become entrepreneurs, however, leaving your job is not an option for you. In such cases, you can pursue an MBA without giving up on your job. There are certain long-distance MBA programs or executive MBA courses that you can opt for. So, you have the advantage of doing a part-time course according to your convenience, while keeping your job.  
  • Provides career growth opportunities and good salary packages – You may have been working at your current job for several years without any significant career growth. There might have been times when you have felt you are stuck in the same position without any recognition. But, once you complete your MBA program, you will not have to worry about such issues. It gives you the chance to directly jump from an executive or senior executive position to a senior management role. Organizations believe that MBA graduates have the necessary expertise and maturity to handle such high profile jobs with ease. Certainly, with such great responsibility, you automatically start earning substantially more as well. All of the management and senior management roles tend to come with an equally good pay package. 

We hope the above pointers on why MBA helps you make the right decision. However, explore all your MBA options before you make a decision, and evaluate each program and instruction carefully.

We wish you the best of luck for your future!


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