If you are a software engineering graduate who is looking for a career with a major tech company such as Oracle, then you should read this article. We will cover all the essential aspects of the oracle interview process, its different rounds, and some tips to help you perform well in the interview.  

Oracle Company Overview

Oracle is a multinational corporation based in Austin, Texas, USA. In terms of revenue and market capitalization, it is ranked as the second-largest software company in the world. Oracle offers a wide range of software such as ERP, cloud engineering systems, CRM software, and supply chain management software. Founded in 1977, the company started as ‘Software Development Laboratories’ by Larry Ellison, Ed Oates, and Bob Miner. 

In the past 44 years since its incorporation, Oracle has grown to become one of the largest software manufacturing companies in the world, second only to Microsoft. Oracle has a large footprint in India, where it offers a wide range of IT solutions, data platforms, and cloud applications to a wide range of industries. Now that we know about Oracle and its operations, let us understand the eligibility criteria to participate in the Oracle interview.

Oracle Interview – Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for an interview call from the talent acquisition team at Oracle, it is essential for you to meet the following criteria: 

  1. You should have BE or B. Tech in computer science with over 60% marks
  2. You should have scored well in all your academics consistently with no backlogs in your graduation or schooling
  3. Strong communication skills

If you meet the above-mentioned criteria, you should visit the official career page of Oracle and submit your CV and apply for the role that you find matches your profile. Furthermore, connecting with recruiters over LinkedIn is also a smart way of finding employment opportunities at Oracle.

Oracle Interview Experience

The oracle interview process includes four rounds, they are as follows:

  • Online test

It is an aptitude test conducted online and comprises MCQs. You will be tested on topics such as networking, OOPS, databases, data structures. Furthermore, your verbal and quantitative reasoning skills will also be evaluated.

  • Two technical rounds

The next step of the interview process consists of two technical rounds. While the first round deals with coding and data structures, the second round involves an interview with a panel of interviewers.  

  • HR round

The last round is an HR interview round where the interviewer will assess your personality and evaluate whether you are a good cultural fit. Moreover, if selected, you will also discuss remuneration, company policy, and the terms and conditions of your employment. 

Oracle Interview Questions – Tips

Here are a few tips to ace the oracle interview:

  1. Understand the Java programming language very well and brush up on your basics thoroughly before the interview.
  2. Be well prepared on topics such as data structures and algorithms.
  3. Speak with confidence and cite examples.  Avoid redundancy or mentioning anything irrelevant.
  4. Leverage your strengths and demonstrate strong analytical skills through your academic grades, projects, or any certifications that you may have obtained.

Now that you know about the Oracle interview experience and the different rounds it consists of, you are better positioned to prepare and apply for a developer position at Oracle.

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