The Technical University of Munich is a public research university located in Munich, with additional campuses in four German cities: Garchin, Weihenstephan, Straubing, and Heilbronn. The university also has a subsidiary in Singapore known as TUM Asia, established in 2001 in partnership with the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University. However, the history of TUM goes back to its founding in 1868 to provide a centre of learning dedicated to natural sciences. Since then, the school has been integral in the development of Germany. Nobel Prize winners across various fields who have studied, taught or researched here include Hans Fischer (Chemistry), Thomas Mann (Literature), and Rudolf L. Mößbauer (Physics), among others. 

Let’s move on to some key information useful for prospective students applying to this school.

Faculty and Courses 

The faculty at TUM has been widely recognised for their inventions. It is a great environment for budding entrepreneurs and hence, is known as the ‘Entrepreneurial University’. 

The university offers hundreds of degree programs across 15 schools and 13 research centres. It ranks at number 1 in Germany in the engineering and computer science fields, and within the top three in natural sciences. Some popular fields of study at the university are data engineering, software engineering, management, aerospace engineering, etc. 

Fees and Scholarships 

One of the amazing things about this university is that like several other German universities, TUM does not charge any tuition fees. It only charges small semester fees, which are very affordable and can range from €100 to €140. 

The university also offers scholarships and awards to students to support their study and living expenses. 

Graduates from TUM are among the most sought after in the international job market. TUM has been placed on the 13th spot for the Global University Employability Ranking. Many graduates have been placed at top companies across industries, while several have become successful at entrepreneurial activities as well. The TUM Venture Lab Initiative supports entrepreneurs with tech-based business ideas every step of the way. More than 80 start-ups have come up from this school in recent years, and more than 800 companies have been established this way since 1990. 

Careers and Placements 

Graduates have also been able to begin their careers as scientists, professors, and researchers at TUM and other premier institutes worldwide. The average salary of graduates from every field is above $70,000 annually. 

Admission Requirements 

It is tough to secure a spot at this university. The acceptance rate is only about 8 percent. The admission committee considers many factors while reviewing an application, from excellent academic scores to the skills and abilities that would be required to study the chosen field. The institute also conducts subject-specific tests for prospective students. Other than this, some general admission requirements are described below. 

  • Standardised Test Scores: Students need to provide the GRE or GMAT test scores when applying for certain degree programs. Kindly check the specific test requirement on the university’s programme page. However, graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology need not submit GRE or GMAT scores. 
  • Academic Transcripts: The transcripts of previous degrees held by the student have to be provided to the university. 
  • Proof of English Proficiency: Applicants can submit scores of any recognised English proficiency test like TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE to prove their English proficiency.

The above documentation is presented via University Application Service for International Students. 

Students seeking a spot at TUM must prepare for the application process carefully and sufficiently in advance to improve their chances of securing admission. Applicants with a good academic background and the best innovative ideas stand a better chance of being accepted for studies at TUM.

Good luck! 


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