EPFL (abbreviated form of École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) is also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and is located in Lausanne. EPFL is considered one of the best technical universities in the world and specializes in engineering and the natural sciences. The institute offers bachelors, masters as well as doctoral programmes. And, though EPFL Switzerland is located in the French-speaking part of the country, being a high level international educational institute, several of the programmes are conducted entirely in English. Besides, it is not a requirement for international students to be fluent in French, but EPFL recommends that students learn the language for personal enrichment and a richer experience of the town.

EPFL masters in the science field are among the most reputable science and technology postgraduate programmes available in the world. They offer programmes such as Master of Science in Digital Humanities, Master of Science in Computational Science and Engineering, Master of Science in Data Science, Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Robotics, Master of Science in Life Sciences Engineering, and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, among others. In addition to this, there are some masters in business and management fields also, such as Master of Science in Financial Engineering, and more.

Do You Need to Take a Common Entrance Exam for EPFL?

Generally, EPFL does not compulsorily require applicants to clear the GRE test, or English proficiency exams like TOEFL and IELTS. However, if you have a GRE score that is valid, you can share it with the university if you wish to. On the other hand, certain programmes offered at EPFL might have requirements that are specific to that particular programme, so make sure you read all the requirements carefully before you begin the application process.

EPFL Ranking

EPFL university is ranked among the top technical universities in Europe and the world. In QS Global World Rankings 2022, it is ranked at No. 14. The EPFL ranking according to the Shanghai ranking system (also known as the Academic Ranking of World Universities, launched by Jiaotong University) is No. 2 in Europe and No. 20 in the world. EPFL is one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in Europe, and several international students apply to the college every year in hopes of studying there.

EPFL Summer Internships

EPFL also offers summer internships that are very popular. EPFL summer internships are usually three-month fellowships that focus on research projects in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Telecommunications. Anyone from around the world can apply, and candidates get to work with leading scientists in the chosen fields.

If you are interested in engineering, you must consider applying to EPFL Switzerland. Good luck!


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