As more and more people are choosing freelancing as a full-time career, the freelance sector is booming with talent. But it is not only the supply side that we see sprawling, the demand side has also witnessed a boom over the last half a decade. Employers are open to short engagement with talent on a project and renewal contract basis. In this article, we’ve listed down the top 10 industries/sectors that hire freelancers in abundance. 

  1. Content Writing

Every business, big or small, needs to churn out content for various needs. Be it creative copywriting, or writing manuals, or emails, good communicative writing is essential to the success of any business. A business may or may not have the workforce bandwidth to deliver articles based on the pressing demand of changing realms and hence they hire professional content writers. 

  1. Digital Marketing

Every business tries to catch up with the changing technology, especially in using the digital medium as a tool to market their product or service. Firms are willing to hire people who understand the pulse of digital media marketing, can chalk a digital marketing strategy and execute it effectively. 

  1. Financial Advising

Working professionals and companies alike need expert advice on how to manage their finances. They all need advice on how to best manage their wealth to get the best outcome that aligns with their goal. Hence, they hire a Finance expert for a short term to seek advice on managing finances. 

  1. Data Analytics Professionals

We live in the age of data. Besides, businesses these days mostly rely upon data churning and look for insights from them to derive key business decisions. Companies need not make decisions on a daily basis, but when they do they hire professionals on a contractual basis rather than housing a full time data analyst. 

  1. Web Developers
    Nowadays, a website is a must for business, personal, portfolio purposes. Hence, web developers, UI/UX experts, backend developers etc. are always in high demand. 
  1. Training and Education

Constant upskilling is the key to surviving in this professional age. Many digital platforms are designed to upskill professionals and students alike. These platforms hire freelance trainers and educators. Additionally, companies and educational institutions alike invite trainers to help upskill the talent of their employees. 

  1. Graphic Designing

Most companies rely on freelance graphic designers to design their logo and other important things. Hence, the more creative and diverse your designing portfolio is, the more lucrative opportunities and projects you get as a designer to work on. 

  1. Project Management

More often than usual, companies run projects that are short term and they may not have enough inhouse talent to lead and execute the projects. Hence, the companies often hire external professionals who have experience and a knack for project management to do this. 

  1. Research Analyst

Companies hire research analysts for multiple purposes. Based on the sector and industry they work in, they hire people who can do primary, secondary or both kinds of research to help them with business decisions or with operational tasks. 

  1. Mental Health Professionals

Given the pandemic, the mental stress, the zoom fatigue, and other challenges, the companies might think of ensuring the wellbeing of their employees. For this, they hire mental health professionals to help those who are in need.

Freelancing is the new normal with many new normals that we have witnessed in recent times. Based on academic training, skills and experience, an individual can choose a freelancing domain that best suits them. With the right effort and planning, one can be a successful freelance professional. 


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