Looking to pursue an MBA in India or abroad, but wondering if it is too late? Skimming and scanning through the many MBA programmes that are offered today can itself be quite a tedious task. Worry not! This article will talk about the management programmes designed specifically for skilled senior managers looking to acquire a masters degree. The PGPX, ILPSE, and PGPMAX are some of the management and leadership programmes available for seasoned senior managers. This article will explain the features of each program and what they can offer. 

What Do PGPX, ILPSE and PGPMAX Stand For?

PGPX, ILPSE, and PGPMAX are all management programs designed for senior-level managers or individuals taking up directorial positions on the board of an organization. While PGPX and PGPMAX are postgraduate programmes offered by IIM Ahmedabad and ISB, respectively, ILPSE, on the other hand, stands for INSEAD Leadership Program for Senior Executives and is a one-year part-time management and leadership programme offered by INSEAD in India. All three courses have been designed to meet the needs of top-level management executives. Hence, these courses are short, keeping in mind the time that such executives would be able to commit to, and also require extensive relevant work experience of having headed a business unit.

Who Is Eligible? 

IIM’s PGPX is aimed at mid-career professionals with 4+ years of experience. The PGPX requires the least amount of work experience when compared with INSEAD’s ILPSE or ISB’s  PGPMAX. The ILPSE program and PGPMAX are aimed at professionals who are in slightly more senior positions. While a candidate needs 10 to 15 years of work experience, on average, to be eligible for the ILPSE programme, the PGPMAX programme, on the contrary, requires a candidate to have an average of 10-25 years of work experience; thereby, making it the most demanding of the three programmes. 

What Are the Fees?

All three programs are fairly expensive, with fees ranging between INR 30 to 40 lakhs. However, since these programs are designed for senior managers to drive growth and lead an organization at a macro-level, the cost of these programmes is often borne by the company employing the executive. INSEAD’s ILPSE degree costs Rs. 26,00,000 which is the least expensive of the three programmes. ISB’s PGPMAX costs a little more at Rs. 39,00,000, followed by IIM’s PGPX which costs a little under Rs. 29,00,000. These fees, however, do not include any other discretionary costs, such as travelling, international trips, cost of living, etc. 

How Different Are the Class Modules?

All three programs have slightly differing class modules:

IIM’s PGPX is divided into six segments over the course of one year, which includes: 

  • Induction
  • Building Blocks
  • Preparing for Top Management
  • International Immersion
  • Electives
  • Capstone

INSEAD’s ILPSE has three modules spanning over a year; they are: 

  • Business Leadership and Personal Development
  • Core Functional Modules
  • Advanced Functional Modules

ISB’s PGPMAX includes four modules, as follows:

  • Harvard Online Foundation Courses
  • Courses on Understanding Business Environment
  • Understanding Fundamental Management Concepts
  • Functional Expertise

All in all, if you are in one of the senior managerial positions of a company and are looking to enhance your knowledge on leadership and corporate governance, then these courses are some of the finest ones available for you to enhance your leadership knowledge and skills. Not only do these courses carry the brand names of the institutions that provide these programmes but also offer great exposure and in-depth learning opportunities.   


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