The Indian Business School was founded in 2001, and today ranks as the 100th accredited business school. It has gained a lot of publicity and popularity since its foundation. ISB’s flagship  one  year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) is now competing with India’s prestigious IIMs.

We will list ten  reasons as to why ISB is the place for you. The ten reasons are as follows:  

  1. ISB Placements

 ISB placement has increased over the past few years. The 80% average salary  for class of 2020 was around 25 lakhs per annum  with around 1500+  offers for a class size of 890 students. In addition, almost all the placements were at top firms. 

  1. ISB Ranking

 ISB has been steadily moving upwards amongst the  global MBA rankings. The Financial Times Global MBA rankings 2021 ranked ISB #1 in India, surpassing  IIM’s #23 rank.  

  1. One  year program 

The ISB offers a one year PGP program as compared to the more common 2 year MBA programme offered by universities across the globe. This is beneficial to you as it offers you a limited time intensive investment if you are looking to obtain an  MBA. 

  1. ISB Campus

The campus at ISB has  world class infrastructure to facilitate  various recreational activities for its students. The Recreation Center has facilities for a number of sports and recreational activities and you can pursue any sport you are interested in. This is to ensure every student’s mental and physical well being. 

  1. ISB Faculty

 ISB has a world class faculty of more than 60 professors who have themselves studied in some of the world’s most prestigious B-schools across the globe and in India. 

  1. ISB Alumni Network

In its 20 years, ISB has developed  an alumni network of more than 10,000 students. ISB’s graduates work in a wide array of sectors and with important industry players. They bring back these opportunities to the current students, to help  them expand their networks.

  1. Social Life 

The ISB in addition to the recreational activities, also has a Spouse & Family Association that provides support for spouses of its students. They even have a  daycare centre on the campus . This ensures that you can pursue your degree with additional familial responsibilities without a worry in the world.

  1. Diversity 

The ISB hosts  students from all over  India as well as  all over the globe . The diverse multicultural student body creates a perfect environment for a cultural exchange and enhances peer learning, growth and performance. 

  1. Student Exchange Programme 

ISB has collaborated with over  40 reputed schools abroad. Students at ISB have the option of doing a term or two in these foreign universities, which gives them a chance to expand their scope and skills at a global level. 

  1. Returns in Investment 

ISB’s PGP programme costs around 37 lakhs but considering their placement opportunities and average salary  after graduation, which comes upto to around 25- 50 lakhs per annum. The average salary potentially increases with your expertise and work experience. Hence, enrolling at ISB surely sounds like a good investment! 

If you are looking to pursue an MBA, we have listed 10 reasons as to why ISB is the place for you. With the information we’ve provided to you,  you can start your application process with ease!


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