In city Xeta, the frequent crowding on the metro frequently leads to delays, because it is difficult for passengers to exit from the metro. In that city, metro ridership is projected to increase by 20 percent over the next 10 years. The Transit Authority of that city plans to increase the number of daily metro train trips by only 5 percent over the same period. Officials predict that this increase is sufficient to ensure that the incidence of delays due to crowding does not increase. 

Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest grounds for the officials’ prediction? 

A. By changing maintenance schedules, the Transit Authority can achieve the 5 percent increase in metro train trips without purchasing any new metro rail cars. 

B. The Transit Authority also plans a 5 percent increase in the number of bus trips on routes that connect to the metro. 

C. For most commuters who use the metro system, there is no practical alternative public transportation available. 

D. Most of the projected increase in ridership is expected to occur in off-peak hours when trains are now sparsely used. 

E. The 5 percent increase in the number of metro train trips can be achieved without an equal increase in Transit Authority operational costs. 

OA : D

Explanation : Despite the metro ridership increasing by 20% the authorities have decided that the trains will only increase by 5%. They also assume that this is enough to handle the delays caused at the moment. 

A – This doesn’t say how the 5% increase in metro trains is enough to handle a 20% increase in ridership. Hence, eliminated. 

B – This is a great option. But there is no relationship on handling the 20% increase in ridership. Hence, eliminated. 

C – If there is no alternate then it would actually result in more problems. The option still doesn’t tell us how the metro ridership will be handled. Hence, eliminated. 

D – This tells us how the increase in the number of trains will cater to the increasing demand. Hence, this is the right answer. 

E – This option doesn’t say how the ridership can be handled. Hence, eliminated. 


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