If you are preparing for the GMAT and feeling a little tense about it, you can be assured that you aren’t the only one feeling the pressure. Anyone who appears for this crucial examination in their life tends to feel a bit nervous and worried about it.  So how to prepare for GMAT without feeling too stressed out? You can do so by following the right tips and strategies and bid goodbye to all your stress. A good preparation plan will help you perform excellently in the exam. 

So, let’s tell you how to prepare for the GMAT. Here are a few GMAT preparation tips to get you started!

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1. Set Up a Suitable Study Environment

How to study for GMAT? If this is a question that comes to your mind, then the first thing you need to do is create an environment that lets you focus on your preparations with a serious mindset. Look for the distractions in the room and move them away from the place for the time being. It is better not to have a TV or a full-blown music system in the room where you study. For instance, if a large window overlooks the street and takes your focus away, keep the window closed when you sit down with the study material. 

2. Complete the Practice Examinations

Yet another question you might have is how do I start preparing for the GMAT? An easy way to begin your GMAT preparation at home is by familiarising yourself with the exam. An easy way to do that is by attempting a GMAT mock or practice test. Attempting practice or mock exams is a crucial part of getting ready for your GMAT test. Once you know about your fortes and flaws and have covered most of the subjects, you can start taking the practice tests online. These tests will further highlight the areas that need work and also give you an idea about how to manage and use your time optimally in the exam. Also, you will get a basic idea about the kind of questions that might come in the exams.

3. Base the Study Schedule on Practice Tests’ Results

Once you take a few practice tests, you will get a clear idea about the subjects that need more effort from your side during your GMAT prep. Use this information to create a study schedule where you dedicate more hours to subject areas that are not your fortes. But first, start by deciding how many hours of the day you want to study. It’s okay if you study for four hours a day, and it’s fine if you can dedicate six hours per day, as long as the efforts are true.

4. Set Achievable Targets for Yourself

If you plan to complete half the book on verbal and logical reasoning within a day, you are simply setting yourself up for failure. It will only dishearten you and affect the pace of progression for your GMAT prep. If you plan to complete at least two to three chapters of logical reasoning in a day, this can be an achievable target for you. The right way to progress is to break your preparation into small and attainable goals. 

5. Seek Assistance

When preparing for the GMAT, do not hesitate to seek assistance or help if you find yourself struggling with some of the GMAT concepts or sections. You can enrol with some of the best GMAT coaching centres to help you with your GMAT preparation. If you are looking for cost-effective and flexible modes of preparing for the exam, you may opt for GMAT prep online. 


An important thing to remember is to stay positive throughout the process of preparation. Keep reminding yourself that you have what it takes to reach your goal, and all your hard work will soon start paying off. So, this is how to start preparing for the GMAT. 

For any expert guidance, you can come to CareerLabs as they will not only help you prepare for the GMAT  but also provide you with proper career guidance. And, making use of the GRE prep tips mentioned above in this article will help you prepare for the GMAT free of stress!

So, go ahead and give a stellar performance.


1. How many sections does the GMAT consist of? 

The GMAT consists of four sections — Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. 

2. How can I register for the GMAT? 

You can register for the GMAT on the official website, mba.com. However, you must create a profile with all the relevant details before you register for the GMAT. Once you have created your profile, you can easily choose a date, time, and test center at your convenience. Once you can make the payment for the same, you are registered for the GMAT.

3. How can I begin preparing for the GMAT?

To begin preparing for the GMAT, you have to be familiar with the exam structure, syllabus, and sections. You can acquaint yourself with the same by taking a GMAT mock test. Once you have taken the practice test, you can draft a GMAT study plan for yourself. Creating a study plan will give you a fair idea of how to start the GMAT preparation.

Good luck!


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