Are you considering taking the GMAT? Are you looking for GMAT coaching in Bangalore to assist you with preparation? We’ve got you covered!

Bangalore, formally known as Bengaluru, is considered as one of the most prominent education centers in India. It is often referred to as the IT capital of India owing to its contribution towards the nation’s leading information technology exports. The city attracts students from different parts of India, looking to pursue advanced education in various subject fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Management, Social Sciences, Life sciences, Technology, Arts and Humanities. The city is home to some renowned universities such as Christ University, Bengaluru University, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), International Institute of Information (IIT) Technology, and National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS).

In order to get admitted into any of these universities, you will require a good GMAT score. The key to achieving a good GMAT score is efficient and productive preparation. You can also enroll yourself at GMAT coaching centers in Bangalore. However, due to the Covid- 19 pandemic, a viable option would be to opt for online coaching for GMAT. Some of the most popular GMAT coaching institutes in Bangalore offer online coaching as well. 

The GMAT coaching assists your GMAT preparation based on the four sections that the GMAT entails. These four sections are as follows:

  1. Verbal reasoning: The verbal reasoning includes questions such as sentence equivalence, reading comprehension, and text completion. This section tests your reading skills and vocabulary. 
  2. Quantitative reasoning: The quantitative reasoning includes questions such as numeric entry, multichoice questions and comparison of quantities. This section tests your knowledge on topics such as algebra, arithmetic, problem solving, and data analysis.
  1. Integrated reasoning: The integrated reasoning includes questions such as two-part analysis, table analysis, multi-source resourcing and graphic interpretation. This section tests your ability to process, interpret, and analyse the given data and graphics.  
  1. Analytical writing: The analytical writing consists of just one essay section. This section tests your grammar, writing skills, syntax and also tests your ability to structure a logically sound argument.

Below we have listed the different sections, the duration for each section, the types of questions and the score range of the GMAT exam.

SectionDurationNumber of QuestionsTypes of QuestionsScore Range
Quantitative Reasoning62 minutes31 questionsProblem solving and Data Sufficiency6 to 51 (1 point increments)
Analytical Writing30 minutes1 questionAnalysis of an Argument0 to 6 (0.5 increment)
Integrated Reasoning30 minutes12 questionsTwo-part Analysis, Multi-source reasoning, Table Analysis and Graphics Interpretation1 to 8 (1 point increment)
Verbal Reasoning65 minutes36 questionsSentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, and Critical Reasoning6 to 51 (1 point increments)

Before you proceed to select a coaching centre, you should check the following:  

  • Faculty/staff
  • Subject specialty
  • Admissions consulting services
  • Quality of study materials provided 
  • Fees (also, whether it’s also refundable)
  • Results of previous students
  • Do they provide demo class


Numerous GMAT coaching in Bangalore Koramangala such as CareerLabs extend their services online. There are many advantages to availing these services. 

To begin with, CareerLabs not only guides you through your GMAT preparation process but also assists you in every other aspect of applying to a university abroad or in India. Secondly, it provides you access to some of the best and knowledgeable professors who have excellent GMAT scores. Thirdly, CareerLabs caters its products and services according to your progress with the GMAT preparation. For example, if you’ve just begun your preparation, CareerLabs guides you through the entire preparation. Similarly, say you are almost done with your preparation process, then CareerLabs helps you by providing access to question banks, sample questions, practise tests as well as access to advanced question banks.

We have outlined the benefits of taking up GMAT classes in Bangalore. Moreover, given the circumstances currently,  it would be advisable to enroll online. Besides these coaching institutes are all across Bangalore. There’s GMAT coaching in Jayanagar Bangalore and GMAT coaching in Whitefield Bangalore and more. However, most coaching institutes are providing online classes, hence, it doesn’t really matter which part of Bangalore you are in. All you need is your phone or laptop and good internet connection to attend these GMAT classes.

We hope to have guided you through the GMAT coaching process.


  1. How much time is required for GMAT coaching?

Preparing for the GMAT is no easy task since it is one of the most competitive exams.  The syllabus of the GMAT comprises topics from different sections — Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning. Therefore, an ideal time period for intensive preparation of all these topics is 3 months. This will allow you sufficient time to complete studying all the topics, practice sample questions, attempt mock exams on a regular basis and much more. You will also have time to assess your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.

  1. Can I score above 700 in the GMAT with appropriate coaching?

Yes, a score of 700 and above is considered competitive and will increase your chances of gaining admissions in the university of your preference. This is certainly possible with GMAT coaching that suits your study requirements. Coaching centres provide you adequate study resources, unlimited mock exams, sample questions and one-on-one sessions with experienced faculty.

  1. How can I prepare for GMAT at home?

Preparing for the GMAT at home will need you to be dedicated and have a disciplined study plan. Doing so will help you reach your desired target scores. Ensure that you invest in study materials from credible sources, practice solving sufficient sample question papers and attempt mock exams periodically. Attempting mock exams provides numerous benefits like helping you understand your strengths and weaknesses, understanding the time taken to solve each question and much more. Practice pacing since time management skills are crucial while attempting the GMAT exam.

All the best!


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