ISB Young Leaders Programme

ISB Young Leaders Programme

Young Leaders Program (YLP) is a unique program offered by the Indian School of Business (ISB). The program is designed for students who are in the pre-final and final year of undergraduate and postgraduate education. Through this program, students will be able to understand everything about management before they enrol for a full time program. Additionally, it also provides them with a chance to make a decision about their career in a definite and structured manner. The biggest advantage of the ISB Young Leaders Program is that it doesn’t require applicants to have any work experience; even freshers can apply for this program. 

Let us learn more about the ISB Young Leaders Programme, its eligibility criteria, application process and more. 

ISB Young Leaders Programme – Eligibility Criteria 

If you would like to apply for the Young Leaders programme at ISB, you must be in your final or pre-final year of study of either your undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Application Process for the YLP Programme

This process is divided into 3 modules. 

In the first stage, you will be expected to submit an application essay and the fees for the programme. Along with the above, you will also be required to submit the following details for the admissions process — Academic information, Essays, Personal and Contact information, Declaration, Initiatives and Awards. In the second stage, you will have to submit two essays and also a recommendation letter along with your GRE/GMAT scores. The final or the third stage will involve a face to face interview. 

You must remember that the essay is a crucial part of the application process. You will be expected to write essays on two topics which are provided. Ensure that you are well prepared to be able to answer the same. Some other key factors which the ISB admissions committee will look for are- leadership potential, your academic and extracurricular activities and finally your personal attributes. The main objective behind the selection process is to evaluate if you are capable of handling the rigorous MBA program at ISB. The application fee is INR 3000 and it has to be paid online.

Now that you are aware of the eligibility criteria and the application process, let us look at the application deadlines for the programme.

Application Deadlines 

    Stage 1 Deadline – March 28 2021
    Stage 1 Result – May 05 2021
    Stage 2 Deadline – Aug 31, 2021
    Stage 2 Results and Interview Invite – Between Aug 31, 2021 and November 5, 2021
    Stage 3 Interviews – Between August 31 2021 and November 5, 2021
    Final Results – Nov 10, 2021

A few of the crucial aspects of your application which can influence the admissions committee into selecting your candidature are listed below :

  • A good CGPA
  • A score of 700 and above in the GMAT exam
  • Any extracurricular activities (state level or national level) which you were a part of
  • An impeccable recommendation letter

Young Leaders Programme Design Module:

The YLP, as the name suggests, is designed with an intention to disseminate leadership qualities among the prospective students prior to enrolling to a PGP flagship programme at ISB. The selected students have to attend weekend classes to connect with students in the PGP program, speak to the well-experienced faculty and interact with industry professionals.

The YLP programme is a mix of both online learning modules and classroom learning sessions. These modules will assist you to boost your career. The course content is spread over 2 years (when candidates learn over the weekends).

The sessions focus on the following main concepts:

  • Understanding and improving on leadership qualities.
  • Providing students with diverse career options and opportunities.
  • Personality and career assessment test.
  • Understanding the various requirements to pursue an MBA degree.
  • Establishing communication, relationship management and presentation skills.

The PGP classes will commence once you have completed the deferment period and also fulfilled the mandatory work experience of 20 months.

Campus Ambassador Program:

The Campus Ambassador Program offered at ISB helps facilitate the action plans for the YLP programme so that any student can promote the same at their college campus. There are many benefits that you will receive by opting for this programme. These benefits include an opportunity to work in association with the ISB team and to gain exposure, a chance to visit the famed ISB campus, and a certificate of appreciation from the head of admissions. You can promote the ISB Young Leaders Programme at your college and oversee the execution of the activities. You will be expected to maintain a relevant database of the activities and also have to submit reports on a monthly basis.

Young Leaders Programme Fees and Scholarships:

YLP fee is similar to PGP fees; it costs approximately INR 32 lakhs. You could also apply for scholarships to help you pay for your tuition fees. You will have to check the requirements and application process on ISB’s official website so that you can obtain the scholarship. A successful applicant for the ISB Young Leaders Programme will be awarded a scholarship of INR 1,00,000. There are also other scholarships too which you can apply for at ISB.

On completing your YLP and getting admitted to the PGP program you automatically tend to be a contender for managerial positions and high paying jobs as well.

We hope this article helped you understand the ISB Young Leaders Programme. If you think you are eligible and you are going to benefit from it, then you should apply for this programme. Good Luck!

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