How to Keep Calm Before an F1 US VISA Interview

An F1 US Visa interview is undoubtedly nerve-racking and it is natural to feel so, however, it is important to calm down and focus to get through the interview. So, if you are feeling extremely anxious, here are 5 tips that will help you keep calm before your interview and help you feel confident.  

1. Research and Prepare for the F1 Visa Interview Questions

This is the most important strategy before the F1 visa interview. Researching and preparing questions beforehand gives you an idea of what you are going to be asked, hence, familiarizing you with the interview process. However, preparation doesn’t mean you have to mug up answers, it just means you need to get an overview of the questions asked and how to answer them confidently.

2. Watch Dummy Interviews

Dummy interviews aim to emulate an actual interview so as to give you an idea of how your interview might look like. Hence, by watching these you will get an overall picture of the F1 visa interview questions and answers, how your posture should be in the interview room, how to remain calm and composed and more.

Click here to check out a dummy interview for an F1 Student VISA interview.

3. Try Breathing Exercises

Research has shown that deep breathing helps you relax your mind and calms you down. Nervousness especially kicks in while you’re waiting for your interview. So, whenever you feel like your mind is wandering off in all directions and is thinking of everything negative, stop yourself from doing so and take deep breaths.

4. Take F1 Visa Mock Interviews

Mock F1 US visa interviews are the best way to deal with all the anxiousness you are feeling. Besides, it’s an effective tool to help you develop some interview strategies, improve your communication skills, and reduce your stress before an actual VISA interview. CareerLabs offers mock interviews which you can try out to get an overall idea of how it’s conducted and build your confidence.

5. Think Positive

Whenever you find yourself overthinking about your interview, take a moment and appreciate yourself for having reached this far. Acknowledge all that you have accomplished and think of what more you can do with the opportunity that is about to come your way. If you’re anxious about who your interviewer might be, how his/her behaviour might be, then remember that your interviewer is just another human being, like you. So, when you are waiting for your F1 interview, think positive, because nothing comes out of negative feelings. You will only make it difficult for yourself if you go down the negative lane.

Feeling anxious for your F1 US Visa interview is natural. However, this interview is going to decide your academic journey abroad, hence, you have to train your mind to keep calm so that you can be focused. Be well-prepared — this includes knowing all your personal, academic, program, career details — as this is what builds that confidence you need and helps you answer any question thrown at you.

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